Pinarello Dogma 65.1Think2

Pinarello has launched a third model into the Dogma range, joining the DogmaK and Dogma2 is the Dogma 65.1 Think2, which becomes the top of the range model.

The first and arguably most important change for 2013 to Pinarello’s top road frame is invisible to the naked eye.

The previous range topper and least we forget Tour de France winning bike was made from what the Italians call 60HM, in case you weren’t paying attention 60HM represents a strength of 60tons per centimeter.

As you’ll guess from the name the new name, the new carbon adds 5tons per cm – around 8 per cent stronger, as it’s rated at 65tons. Happily, this notable increase in strength and stiffness comes with no weight penalty, with a 54cm frame still coming in at a svelte 920g.

EPS is just one option the frame can accommodate

Alongside the new, stronger carbon is a far more visible change in revised cable routing. Rather than having to choose between an electronic, be it Di2, Ui2 or EPS, and mechanical shifting system the new routing, Think2, allows either system to be run through the frame thanks to the use of replaceable frame plugs. This has allowed Pinarello to better optimise the frame strength around these points and keep down costs as it removes a whole extra model.

This one goes to 65…

The frankly huge range means there should be something for everyone There are nine frames with a horizontal top tube, three sloping top tube sizes and all are theoretically available in the full 12 colour options – which frankly sounds mind boggling to us. Expect to pay £3,699 for the frameset.


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