Schwalbe One tubeless tyre loses weight

New Schwalbe Pro One tyre uses new technology and is 70 grams lighter than the original Schwalbe One.

Schwalbe launched into the tubeless road tyre market in 2013 with the One tyre. There are many advantages of a tubeless set-up, foremost being the lack of a tube to puncture. The loss of the tube also leads to less rolling resistance, due to the absence of friction between the tube and the tyre. Tubeless tyres can be ridden at lower pressures for greater comfort and there is no possibility of pinch flats. Also, the sealant contained in the tyre should seal most punctures without the rider being aware of them.

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We’ve been impressed by Schwalbe’s tubeless tyres here at Cycling Weekly, but less taken with the weight penalty over a non-tubeless tyre. By the time you’ve added sealant and – in some rims – rim tapes, the existing Schwalbe One was heavier than some tubed set-ups.

New Pro One tubeless tyre is available in 23, 25 and 28mm versions

New Pro One tubeless tyre is available in 23, 25 and 28mm versions. Credit: Schwalbe

Now Schwalbe has released a new version of the One. Called the Schwalbe Pro One, the new tyre is a claimed 70 grams lighter than the current One. Schwalbe also claims that the rolling resistance has been reduced by almost 10% and is more than 40% less than a tubed tyre with the same puncture resistance.

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Schwalbe has changed how the tyre is constructed to incorporate a fabric called Microskin which ensures the tyre and rim are airtight, high pressure stability and improves cut resistance. The Pro One is available as a 23mm with a claimed weight of 235 grams, a 25mm at 255 grams and a 28mm at 275 grams.

32mm cyclocross tyre uses Tubeless Easy technology to improve mounting

33mm cyclocross tyre uses Tubeless Easy technology to improve mountain. Credit: Schwalbe

Schwalbe also claims that mounting the tyre is easier than with a conventional tubeless tyre, with its Tubeless Easy design. There are other Tubeless Easy tyres released, including a 30mm filetread, a 33mm cyclocross knobbly and a gravel tyre available as 35mm and 40mm versions.

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Schwalbe trialed the Pro One at this year’s Paris-Roubaix, with Martin Elmiger of IAM Cycling riding the tyres to fifth place, without a single flat.