Scott launches two new top end helmets

Aero road and open designs come with MIPS protection along with claimed class leading aerodynamics and ventilation

We first saw Scott’s new aero road helmet way back in May when it appeared on the heads of Orica-Bike Exchange’s riders at the Giro d’Italia. Now Scott has officially launched its two new lids for 2017: the Cadence Plus and Centric Plus.

Scott claims that the Cadence Plus is one of the fastest and best ventilated aero road helmets available. It used wind tunnel studies to optimise airflow both over the exterior of the new helmet and through its interior, over the rider’s head.

Scott's promotional material features Orica-Bike Exchange's Simon Gerrans and Caleb Ewen

Scott’s promotional material features Orica-Bike Exchange’s Simon Gerrans (above) and Caleb Ewan

The Centric Plus is a more open helmet, which Scott says also offers really good aerodynamics along with ventilation.

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Here’s Scott’s launch video for the new Cadence Plus.

Both helmets come with MIPS brain protection. MIPS uses a separate thin liner loosely attached to the inside of the helmet’s shell. In the event of a crash, the liner can slide relative to the helmet, allowing a little extra movement. This reduces sheer forces to the head and, MIPS says, decreases the risk of concussion.

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Whereas most MIPS inserts are made of wider strips of plastic, Scott has added small holes in these, which adds breathability. Scott says that this increases cooling performance by up to 16% relative to a standard MIPS liner.

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Scott claims that the combination of the helmets’ aerodynamics and the perforated MIPS liner actually allows the helmets to cool more efficiently than if not wearing a helmet.

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Scott has also worked on its fit and adjustment system, saying that the new Halo Fit system achieves a secure and comfortable fit.

The Cadence Plus is available in three sizes and four colours and weighs 270g, while the Centric Plus comes in five colours and weighs 250g. Price for the Cadence Plus is £169.99, while the Centric Plus will retail for £145.99. More details on Scott’s website.