Scott Speedster 50 review

Low-cost sportive machine with promising looks

Cycling Weekly Verdict

So close, yet so far. Some minor tweaks would make this bike so much better

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Solid alloy frame will last a lifetime

  • +

    Smooth gear transmission

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Carbon fork and Shimano brakes would set this above its peers

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This Scott Speedster 50's design and paint job belie its low price and make it look like a much higher-spec ride. The slick looks and slight aero profiling to the down tube mean it wouldn’t look out of place in a race.

However, the ride doesn’t quite match the looks.


Scott Speedster 50 - 5

It looks better than it rides

The frame itself is made from double-butted alloy, as you’d expect in this price bracket. The frame is stiff and responsive, but there’s a compromise for that low price: it’s quite heavy.

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The first disappointment to mention in this review is the alloy fork, which gives a harsh ride and passes every bit of road buzz on to the rider.

Other brands offer, for a similar price, bikes with a carbon fork; this tweak — and even a minor price increase to facilitate it — would improve this build a great deal.


Scott Speedster 50 - 3 brake

The brakes could be better

On the whole, the groupset suits the price, and the gear transmission is smooth and accurate — as is to be expected from Shimano.

The mix of Shimano Sora and Shimano Claris runs well, and the inclusion of a 32t sprocket helps when hauling this bike’s 10kg up the climbs. The eight-speed cassette means that the gap between the gears can feel a bit clunky, but does not affect the ride quality too severely.

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Moving on to the Tektro brakes — the second disappointment to mention — they felt unresponsive and did not instil much confidence on steeper descents. The inclusion of Shimano brakes would noticeably improve the spec.

What to expect on a budget 


The Speedster’s wheelset felt spot-on for the price and in relation to the rest of the build. Stiff and strong, and able to bounce off some questionable road surfaces, these low-cost wheels do what’s expected of them.

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They have an aero profiling, which is a good touch for entry-level hoops, and they work well with the aesthetic of the bike.


Scott Speedster 50 - 4 Kenda tyre

25mm tyres would help ride quality

With some very minor tweaks, the Speedster could be a formidable entry-level sportive machine. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has missed the mark in a few places, which has had a serious impact on the ride as a whole.

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As mentioned, the alloy fork sends all the road buzz into the rider’s wrists, something that could be dampened with a carbon fork. This could also be alleviated with 25mm tyres, which are now the common option on most road bikes.

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The rest of the bike actually rode very well. The frame is stiff and the power transfer is efficient, as you would expect from Shimano.


Scott Speedster 50 - 2 handlebar

The harsh front end takes its toll on longer rides

This is a good-looking bike competing in a competitive beginner market. On first sight and first sit, you might think you’ve landed a bargain.

However, with a bit of market research to see what other manufacturers supply for a similar amount of money, and a couple of miles on some rough road surfaces, it becomes clear that the Speedster doesn’t quite hit the mark.

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