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An electric bike from Kinesis will transform the way you travel from A to B

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Think of all the best things about cycling, but with none of the downsides. That’s what an electric bike offers.

With a quality e-bike like a Kinesis LYFE, you enjoy the fun, convenience, and health benefits of cycling. But there’s no need to work up a sweat, no grinding up hills. An electric bike makes cycling so much easier.


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Slick in the city

Ditch the car. Ride to work instead. You’ll probably get there quicker, and you’ll certainly get there a whole lot happier.

Kinesis LYFE electric bikes have a range of up to 75km (over 46 miles), more than enough to tackle most urban journeys. No more sitting in jams or squeezing into an overcrowded train. On a Kinesis electric bike, you can glide past the queues.

Available as a traditional frame or in a step-thru version, LYFE Bikes with their upright riding position, supportive saddle and wide handlebars are designed for speed and comfort. Whether you’re a regular cyclist or swapping four wheels for two, LYFE electric bikes put you in control.

Live the outdoor life, but with so much less effort. Go further than you thought possible with the invisible help of electric power. It’s like riding with the wind behind you, wherever you go

Great outdoors

LYFE e-bikes are both at home in the city and also ideal for exploring the countryside.

When it comes to weekend relaxation or discovering new surroundings on holiday, nothing beats the freedom, independence, and easy pedalling you enjoy with an electric bike.

Live the outdoor life, but with so much less effort. Go further than you thought possible with the invisible help of electric power. It’s like riding with the wind behind you, wherever you go.

A LYFE electric bike is the perfect companion for day trips, camping holidays, caravanning, or touring in a motorhome, so there’s no need to drive off-site to explore the surroundings, when you can ride so easily. You can just leave your car or campervan behind as you explore on two wheels.


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You appreciate the sights and smells of the country so much more when you travel by bike. Lanes you would have driven past in a car become tempting detours. Stop whenever and wherever you like without worrying about finding a parking space. Enjoy exploring your way, and at your pace.

When you load your LYFE electric bike back in your car or campervan, you’ll appreciate the low weight of just 17kg. That’s not a lot more than a non-electric mountain bike.

Weekend rides and holiday explorations are better by bike. Better for you, better for the environment – and a whole lot more enjoyable.

Ever ready

Whether for work or play, a LYFE e-bike puts the fun back into riding. If you’ve never ridden an electric bike before, you’re in for a treat. If you already own an e-bike, you’ll be amazed by the difference that upgrading to a LYFE bike makes.

Both the LYFE and LYFE Step-Thru use the Smartbike X35 hub drive to deliver electrical assistance. It’s made by the German automotive manufacturer MAHLE. The 36V 250-watt electric motor will help you glide through traffic and flatten every hill, providing seamless assistance from standstill to 15.5mph. Wherever you are going, you’ll arrive in style with a smile on your face.


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There’s nothing complicated about riding a LYFE bike. Just press the integrated iWoc controller to scroll through three levels of assistance – you choose whether to give yourself a workout, or let the bike take the strain for you. Plus, all LYFE bikes have 10 gears to help tame any climb.

One of the best things about choosing a Kinesis LYFE is that it doesn’t look like an e-bike. There’s no ugly external battery, bulky control panel or boring design. These are stylish bikes that just happen to be electric, with the battery neatly integrated within the bike frame and the motor in the hub of the rear wheel.

A LYFE electric bike is ready for anything, especially if you choose an Equipped model. These bundle handy extras together for a fully loaded spec sheet. Mudguards, integrated lights, a kickstand and a rack are all included. For all-weather riding, running errands, and cycling at night, LYFE Equipped bikes add even more practicality and convenience to the regular specification at an affordable price.

Standard LYFE electric bikes are priced from £2450, LYFE Equipped models are just £100 more.

Whichever you choose, a Kinesis LYFE electric bike will change the way you get around for good. Love LYFE and live for the journey.

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