Keep your new year’s resolutions on track with ROUVY Regulars

ROUVY’S new weekly scheduled rides can give your good intentions an extra boost – whatever your cycling ability

Rouvy Regulars
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How are those new year’s resolutions panning out? Many of us started 2023 with the aim of spending more time in the saddle, but the double whammy of work and those cold, wet winter days can knock good intentions off course faster than an unexpected pothole.

When you’re trying to stick to a new fitness regime, however, one of the keys to success is building a routine and sticking to it. Luckily, the new ROUVY Regulars weekly scheduled rides have been purpose-built by experts to give you the motivation to keep moving.

With nearly two decades of experience building software for cyclists, ROUVY know what they’re talking about when it comes to indoor training. The ROUVY app is designed to improve your fitness as you cycle iconic routes all over the world, and with ROUVY Regulars, you’re bound to find a programme to suit you – whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a more experienced rider looking to push yourself to the limit.

There are four categories to choose from – Hobby riders, Avid cyclists, Femmes cyclists and Triathletes – and each one features its own unique selection of rides and races. Because sessions take place on the same days every week, it’s easy to fit them into your diary. The plans also contain a mix of challenging workouts and lighter days to give you a breather when you need one. 

Hobby riders is the place to go if you’re a relative newcomer to cycling. With its easy pace and beautiful scenery, the category is precision-engineered to get you into good habits on your new fitness regime. 

And even if you don’t like Mondays, you have the perfect incentive to get your week rolling in style, joining other riders on an easy ‘Gelato Ride’ where the mouthwatering goal is an ice cream at the nearest café. Meanwhile, ‘Keep It Low Wednesdays’ steer clear of the mountains for a comfortable workout on the flat, ‘Friday Socials’ introduce you to new people on a fun group ride, and ‘Saturday Coffee’ sessions are spot on for that lazy weekend jaunt.

Rouvy Regulars

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More experienced riders will want to select Avid cyclists as their ROUVY Regulars destination. These medium-level sessions feature faster tempo group rides and races, making them ideal for improving your performance. 

You get the chance to explode out of the starting gate on a Monday morning, building early momentum with a short, high-paced ‘Prologue Race’ or a ‘Monday Tempo Ride’ of an hour or more – the handy magnet feature means you won’t get dropped by the group, even when the going gets hard. As you head into midweek you can clock up some kilometres on ‘Foundation Mile Wednesdays‘, or test yourself against some serious inclines in the ‘Mountain Goats Race’. On Fridays you can shift the pace up and down as you ‘Keep It Rolling’, or try to stay in touch with the front of the pack in ‘Catch The Leader’. Then you get to round out the week on Saturdays with a flat, ‘Zero Gravity‘ race, or by going flat-out in a short ‘Crit Race’. 

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, women riders are invited to take part in Femmes rides, sessions where the focus is enjoying cycling at a comfortable pace while taking in some beautiful scenery – including the stunning coastlines of the ‘Women’s Coastal Cruise’. 

And Mondays and Fridays are when Triathletes get a run out, with a variety of challenging terrains to help build stamina and endurance. With its challenging routes, ‘Breakaway Racing Monday’ is the perfect way to push yourself to the limit at the start of the week. 

So if you want to make sure your cycling new year’s resolutions stay on course into February and beyond, ROUVY Regulars has everything you need to get you on the (virtual) road. It takes seconds to set up a ROUVY account, before you connect to your trainer and start enjoying a free, full-access 14-day trial. Then, once you’re up and running, you’ll just have one question to answer: which ROUVY Regulars ride will you take on next?

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