Ride the world without leaving home with ROUVY

Discover how indoor cycling app ROUVY brings famous cycle routes to life with the power of high-quality video and augmented reality technology

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Imagine being able to experience more than 15,000 kilometres of the world’s best cycling routes without even leaving home? Indoor cycling app ROUVY brings real cycle routes to life with the power of immersive high-quality video and augmented reality technology. Where would you ride first? 

Explore the world from indoors 

One of the greatest joys of cycling is where it can take you. New perspectives, fresh challenges, different scenery is all part of the fun of riding your bike, but few of us can ever travel as much as we want to. However, ROUVY’s augmented reality means you can relish the views and feel the challenge of iconic routes from your indoor trainer. 

If there is anywhere you have dreamt about riding you can almost certainly ride it first on ROUVY. There are thousands of kilometres to explore. From the vertiginous hairpin bends of Passo dello Stelvio, to the iconic slopes of Col du Tourmalet, ROUVY features some of the best-known cycling locations from many riders' bucket lists. You can also use ROUVY to prepare yourself for real-world events by pre-riding the course, allowing you to not just build fitness but also work on your mental preparation. 

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Ride real roads

Winter training can be cold, wet and tedious. Especially if you are slogging around the same familiar routes you have been doing all year. Indoor training on the other hand may be warm and dry but it lacks the interest of cycling outside. This is where ROUVY’s augmented reality comes in. With videos of real roads, you can really get to know the place you are cycling through. You can look around and enjoy the scenery just as you would if you were cycling outside in the real world. 

Whether you want to return to a place you enjoyed cycling in the real world, or discover a new route before visiting it for the first time, ROUVY allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and feel the ride. It doesn’t have to be about training and mountain challenges. Treat yourself to a gentle pedal through the lavender fields of Provence or explore the old-town streets of Budapest and turn your evening turbo session into a mini-holiday! 

Training and competition 

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If you want to add to your trophy cabinet or lay down a time on Mont Ventoux,  Strava Live Segments are available on ROUVY.  Your Segment ride will show up next to two avatars - your best result on the segment (the “PR”) and the fastest rider, the King or Queen of the Mountain (“KOM” or “QOM”). You can also use ROUVY to make your indoor training more effective, as well as more fun, by using one of 700 augmented reality routes and structured workouts. Imagine smashing out some intervals on The Great Pacific Highway or cruising along Ha Long Bay in Vietnam as part of a recovery ride? 

Bringing the outdoors indoors

With routes, training sessions and Strava, as well as the brilliantly realistic immersive scenery, ROUVY brings all the excitement and inspiration of outdoor cycling to your indoor trainer, but no one is suggesting you stop riding outside! ROUVY seamlessly blends your indoor and outdoor riding and counts your outdoor activities for your Career so you have a complete overview of your progress. The more you ride indoors, especially with the support of structured training sessions, the more your fitness develops. 

Start your global cycling experience today 

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