Selle Italia SLS 
Monolink saddle

Selle Italia SlS Monolink saddle turned heads for its unique single rail, but works well long into a 100 miles later test ...




  • Limits inner thigh rub


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


It was with much trepidation that I threw a leg over the Storck fitted with SLS Monolink saddle at the start of CW’s Surrey Hills Cyclone sportive.

Despite preferring the S3 shape, the suitability of the S1 of the SLS Monolink wasn’t the problem I’d thought it might be, largely thanks to the one-piece rails that allow a greater amount of flex along the length of the saddle, placing weight mostly on sit bones.



Also key to the Monolink’s design is the narrower 
saddle nose that means you’re less likely to 
rub your thighs. It’s a good start.


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