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Muc Off –50ºC lube

First up is Muc Off -50ºC lube. Do you frequently ride in sub-zero temperatures? Do you live in the arctic circle? Are you planning a winter invasion of Russia? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Muc Off’s -50ºC lube could be the product you require to keep your drive train running smoothly in the harshest of conditions.

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Have you ever wondered what Geraint Thomas carries his bike in? The answer is the $999 Douchebag. The name ‘Douchebag’ came about when the company asked the internet for naming suggestions. Always a good idea, we speculate Baggy McBagface must have been a close second.

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Tacx Magnum

The Tacx Magnum has to be the ultimate indoor trainer money can buy. It may be a hefty €7000, but it is ideal if you also enjoy running and can even simulate 20 per cent gradients. You might want to check with your significant other before you set it up in the lounge though!

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Bored of just pedalling with your legs? Worried that cycling is giving you the upper body of a Tony Martin T-Rex? Well, as long as you have four grand the Varibike could be the solution.

Similar to a regular bike, the Vari also features a crank on the handlebars that, according to the makers, can give you 31 per cent more power.

Vadolibero Bike Butler

A common complaint we hear from cyclists who have a spare £2000, is that there really aren’t enough wall mounted bike stands available with inbuilt speakers. Well, thanks to the Bike Butler, that exact product exists. And as an added bonus, it can charge your smart phone wirelessly. What more could you want?

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