Watch: Your guide to the perfect training camp

An Post-Chain Reaction Cycles DS Kurt Bogaerts talks you through his top tips for the perfect training camp

Escaping the British weather may seem like a good idea at the best of times, but getting away on a training camp can be the ideal situation to hone your fitness for the season ahead.

Don’t peak too soon

Cycling in hot weather

Don’t do too much too soon

It is important to schedule your training camp with your season goals in mind. It may well be tempting to flee to sunnier climates as soon as possible but it may not benefit your season goals if you are peaking too early.

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So make sure you research when is the best time of year to head abroad for your specific needs.

Train alone and as a group

Group riding

Find the balance between group and individual riding

If you are looking to maximise the benefits from training in good weather and on smooth roads then listening to your body and training to your personal threshold levels shouldn’t be ignored.

We’re not saying to abandon your friends for the entire week as riding alone can easily be done at home. But don’t feel obliged to ride at certain intensities if you feel it’s pushing you over the limit or not pushing you hard enough.

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Finding the balance between individual and group riding is an important aspect of maximising your training camp.

So make sure you enjoy the company as well as making time for your personal goals.

Train like a pro with the pros

Lotto-Soudal training on Mallorca. Photo: Martin Paldan/GripGrab Media Crew

Lotto-Soudal training on Mallorca. Photo: Martin Paldan/GripGrab Media Crew

Getting the buzz of seeing a pro team and latching onto their wheel, can really make a training camp.

As well as giving you the opportunity in years to come to mention the time when you dropped Joaquim Rodriguez (excluding the fact that you were most likely on the verge of having a heart attack, whereas he was out on a recovery ride).

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With a large number of teams making southern Spain or the Canary Islands their winter base. There is a high chance you could well bump into some pro riders when out on the road. So take advantage as its unlikely you’ll see them riding your local club ten back home.