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A cyclist has filmed the moment the driver of a BMW tried to push them from their bike. The incident was captured by Dave Edmonds, who uploaded it to the Bristol Cyclists Facebook page.

In the caption, Edmonds writes: “Driver of MX64 JWU (White BMW 520 D) swerves across the road and leans out of the car window and gives me a shove to try and knock me off. Car has no tax either according to the DVLA. Being reported to the police!

Thankfully, the alleged shove looks not to have been too severe as the cyclist was able to stay upright and continue riding.

There have been other shocking instances of motorists and their passengers shoving cyclists from the road. In one such video that surfaced last year (and was subsequently removed from Facebook), the passenger of a vehicle is filmed preparing themselves on the approach and can then be seen pushing a cyclist into a ditch.

In another instance, the police released a video of a pedestrian pushing a female cyclist into the path of moving traffic. The assailant later attended a police station as a result of an appeal.