With the hour going back and dark evenings now very much a reality, Santander Cycles has launched a new video. Starring Jessica Ennis-Hill and a werewolf, the video highlights the benefits of the new light.

Late last year, it was announced that all 11,500 of Santander Cycles’ bikes are to be fitted with the Blaze Laserlight, with the project due for completion by July 2017.

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The Laserlight projects an image of a bicycle onto the road surface six metres in front of the bike. This adds visibility particularly for left-turning motorists, with the blind spot for HGV drivers being a particular risk for city cyclists.

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Research by the Transport Research Laboratory found that the blind spot was reduced by over 25% by the device. The TRL also found that 78% of London bus drivers said that the Laserlight made it easier to identify cyclists on the road at night.

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Santander Cycles has been asking people who plan to cycle less once the hour goes back the reasons for their decision. 48% cited worries about night-time visibility when riding.

“I’m a fan of anything safety-related that has the added benefit of encouraging people to be more active. I love the idea of more people getting out on the roads doing exercise with the confidence that they will be highly visible thanks to Santander Cycles’ innovative Blaze Laserlight,” said Ennis-Hill.