Cyclist Chris Worth was left with numerous injuries after a driver pulled out of a side road directly in front of him after a descent.

Worth was wearing a helmet-mounted camera at the time and captured the entire incident. He now wishes the footage to be used to raise awareness among drivers, to ensure that they look out for cyclists before pulling out of a junction. The video is not easy viewing.

The incident occurred last Tuesday (July 19) as Worth was cycling to work on an extended commuting route through the Peak District in dry and clear conditions. As Worth was travelling down Windgather, a silver car slowly emerged from the left of a crossroads, the driver apparently unaware of his presence.

As the car stretched across the entire width of the road, Worth shouted a warning to the driver but was left with nowhere to go, and hit the car’s side full-on.

Speaking about the aftermath of the collision, Worth told Cycling Weekly: “The driver did stop and get out, but I can’t remember much about it. I don’t think she was much use. Luckily there were two cyclists going up the hill and they heard the crash and came to help out.”

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Emergency services called for an air ambulance to rapidly transport Worth to hospital. Worth says that his injuries could have been worse, despite requiring surgery.

“The ambulance service were great, they sent a helicopter to take me to the hospital,” said Worth. “The summary of my injuries is remarkably light. I had three broken ribs, a tear to my vastus intermedius muscle (one of the quads) and lots of facial lacerations, which required me to go to theatre.”

According to Worth, police are currently investigating the incident.