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Nottinghamshire Police say there is not enough evidence to prosecute the driver of a Volvo that was caught on camera driving into a cyclist and fleeing the scene.

Despite the cyclist capturing the number plate of the car on video, police were unable to establish who was driving the vehicle, which was a hire car.

A man who is registered to drive the car has been fined £150 and received six penalty points for failing to provide driver details when summonsed to court, according to the BBC.

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The cyclist, who was injured as he rode near the BBC roundabout in Nottingham city centre, reportedly received severe back injuries and internal haemorrhaging in the crash.

“To this day I have no idea why the driver did this to me, there was no confrontation with any driver prior to the attack, I do not know the driver or the car,” he wrote under the YouTube video. “I was not riding my normal route at my normal time so I do not think this attack was planned. Just a senseless and brutal attack on a fellow human being…

“Despite the evidence, the police and CPS failed to bring the driver in this savage attack to justice…The driver is still out on UK roads.”

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The rider continued to say that police told him they did not have funds to continue their investigation, but more would have been done if he were killed.

The BBC report that the investigating officer contacted a man and a woman who were eligible to drive the car, but they did not respond before they were summonsed to court.

The victim fears this could set a precedent for hit-and-run crimes on cyclists in hire cars, saying he did not wish to discuss further details of the incident in fear of creating a legal loophole for hire car drivers.