Sir Bradley Wiggins has joined XIX Entertainment, the management and promotions company run by Simon Fuller, former manager of the Spice Girls and creator of Pop Idol and its US counterpart, American Idol.

Wiggins joins a host of top-tier sports clients at the company, including footballer David Beckham, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and tennis player Andy Murray.

The Tour de France winner and four-time Olympic gold medallist has signed a partnership with Fuller’s company to “take advantage of the growth in global cycling participation and Wiggins’ own unique position as one of the sport’s most successful and iconic figures, to create innovative business opportunities worldwide”.

Wiggins’ 2013 season has been a quiet one in comparison to 2012, which saw him firmly become a household name after establishing himself as the first British Tour winner and then scooping a popular win in the London 2012 Olympic Games time trial. Nevertheless, his star factor has not waned and his appearance at the 2013 Tour of Britain in September, which he won, drew in record-breaking numbers of spectators.

“Bradley is an inspiring man of the people, who has endeared himself to followers worldwide through the scale and manner of his success,” said Fuller. “He enjoys both an extraordinary past and a clear and ambitious view of the future through to Rio and beyond. We are thrilled to be partnering him at this exciting time for him and the Sport.” 

  • Ken Evans

    Like it or not he is famous. He can use it in a positive way, or not. The celebrity stuff should be after the athlete has retired. Some of the GB riders are quite good role models, (eg Chris Hoy), and give cycling a better image than Armstrong etc. I think the competition with Froome, means Wiggins can’t expect TeamSky to give him their most resources.

  • yen

    @James Johnson Last i knew BW’s twitter was locked to private ??????

  • Sam

    Erm, James Johnson….you know that whatever twitter account you’re looking at thinking its Brad Wiggins…its not. He left Twitter and closed his account Oct last year. All the others are parody accounts.

  • lee

    Mmmmm…interesting, the image I have of Bradley is one of…..”a bit of a petulant arse, that throws his toys out now and again!”

  • James Johnson

    “Bradley is an inspiring man of the people, who has endeared himself to followers worldwide” – not quite the image Bradley is trying so hard to project in his Twitter feed.

  • Richard Wheatcroft

    Humm, never keen to see a sportsman managed by an entertainment agency – think it will be yet another distraction for him. Being cynical all they are doing is buying a rosta of household names they can exploit for exclusively advertising purposes….

  • pete

    C’mon guys, this is Brad we’re talking about here. Another nauseating celebrity??? Nope, not Brad…..

  • Dave M

    So, the bloke from Kilburn is set to become just another nauseating celebrity.

    I hope Chris Froome never sinks to this.

  • gg/gg

    Signed up as a comedian/rocker??