Whilst the nation is gripped by a prolonged icy spell, and road conditions have left many motorists high and dry, it’s good to see that a bit of cold hasn’t put you off going for a ride.

We asked you to email in your snowy cycling photos and we’ve be sent a good selection to prove that a bit of the cold stuff doesn’t put you off getting the bike out of the shed and taking it for a spin.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed us their frankly excellent pictures.

You can see more readers’ snow cycling pictures in the ‘Cycling in the Snow’ photo gallery>>

Sean Grosvenor, Nant-y-Arian, Mid Wales, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Sean Grosvenor and mates went out around Nant-y-Arian, Mid-Wales, on Christmas Eve

Alex Whitmore, Northampton, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Alex Whitmore braved the snow and ice in Northampton

Bostal hill in Steyning, Darren King, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Bostal Hill, Steyning, by Darren King

Philiip Gale, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Philip Gale took this panoramic view

San Fairy Ann CC ride, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Snow didn’t stop San Fairy Ann CC going for a club run

Jeremy and Pippa Hudson, Reigate, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Pippa and Jeremy Hudson went on a snowy ride around Reigate

Chris Wilkinson, Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen, 2010 snowy cycling photos

Chris Wilkinson on Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen, Wales

John Campion's Brompton

John Campion had a slippery commute on his Brompton

John Findley, Croston Lancs

John Findley and dad Arthur went on a ride around Croston, Lancs

Roland J Young, Tyne

Roland J Young heads down towards the Tyne

Nicolas Bertrand's wintry commute

Nicolas Bertrand’s wintry commute

Succoth, Argyll, Scotland by Crawford Inglis

Crawford Inglis out around Succoth, Argyll, Scotland

New Year's Day ride by John Boren

New Year's Day ride by John Boren

John Boren and friends out on their New Year’s Day ride

Steve Macluskie

Steve Macluskie’s bike takes a break

Belfast 'cross training by Glenn Kinning

Belfast 'cross training by Glenn Kinning

Belfast cyclo-cross training by Glenn Kinning

Mark Shepherd setting out for the office

Mark Shepherd setting out for the office

Michael Hartley

Michael Hartley with an icy road stretching before him

John Gibson with new mountian bike

John Gibson christens his new mountain bike on Rivington Fell

Ian Cleverly lunchtime ride

CW’s Ian Cleverly goes on a lunchtime ride near Croydon

  • rb

    All very beautiful but i fell off in the snow a few years ago and fractured my neck of femur. Let me tell you, it’s far better to miss a ride than to be stuck in a hospital bed for 4 nights.