Elia Viviani says he did not know if he could control himself after his teammate Jakub Mareczko beat him at the Tour de San Luis, which led him to miss the podium ceremony


Elia Viviani wasn’t happy that his teammate Jakub Mareczko beat him to the win on the final stage of the Tour de San Luis – so angry that he rode straight back to the team hotel.

The pair were riding for the Italian national team in the race and Lampre-Merida‘s Mareczko was due to lead Team Sky‘s Viviani out in the sprint.

Instead, the pair went head-to-head, with Mareczko taking the win and the top step on the podium. Viviani didn’t go to the presentation, he was so angry, but later apologised for his actions.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Viviani explained that his decision was wrong, but he was not sure that he would be able to control himself on the podium.

“With a cool head, I apologise to all the fans, to the Tour de San Luis, and to the Italian Cycling Federation for my bad gesture,” he wrote.

“I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t expecting it and I was enraged and out of control. The decision I made was the wrong one, but I did it because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to control myself.

“That said, there will be people who think I don’t deserve the azzurra [Italian blue] jersey, but others who know how much I do for the azzurra jersey.”

Viviani returns to Europe and Team Sky this week at Challenge Mallorca – a series of one-day races on the Spanish island between January 28-31.

  • Gary Simpson

    Not new- just an opinion – but after seeing full report I hear wat your probably thinking

  • dourscot

    He shouldn’t have been there in the first place if he’d agreed to support Viviani.

    Racing is fine if you’re opponents. Cycling is a team sport.

  • MrHaematocrit

    History only records the results.

  • Chuck6421

    You’re new to this.

  • blemcooper

    I didn’t see the whole stage, but just before the final KM, it looked like Viviani was sitting pretty, albeit without a teammate, in fifth position while Mareczko was well back, but moving his way up, slotting into 10th or 11th position right under the 1KM banner.

    Through the final bend, Mareczko is up to fifth or sixth on the outside while Viviani is second on the inside.

    I can see how Viviani was surprised that his national teammate came up and beat him after having lost him back in the bunch.

    But if it was an intentional double cross, why drop back so far and then have to work back up to the front, face full of wind since things were lined out single file a bit, for plausible deniability?

  • Gary Simpson

    If it a race don’t you go out to win, rather than give it to a team mate

  • dourscot

    Viviani is dead right. He was double-crossed. Mareczko just earned himself an impressive win – and a bad reputation.