The Belgian collided with the bike during the final 35km of the one-day semi-Classic

Another year, another rider hit by a motorbike. This time, Belgian rider Stig Broeckx fell victim to a medical bike during the closing 35km of Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

It appeared the Lotto-Soudal rider was just moving out from the front of the peloton and looking back towards the other riders to assess the race situation, when the bike approached from the right hand side.

Broeckx clearly didn’t see the motorbike coming and the drive looked only to swerve round the 25-year-old rather than slow down as he approached him.

Reports suggest that despite getting back on his bike, he quickly abandoned and was taken to hospital to assess his injuries.

The incident comes after another high-profile collisions between riders and race vehicles in 2015, with Jesse Sergent being hit by a Shimano neutral service car at the Tour of Flanders, Peter Sagan being taken down by a motorbike at the Vuelta a España and Greg Van Avermaet suffering a similar fate at the the Clasica San Sebastian.

  • Anindya Permata Widhi

    UCI must reform their safety system radically and it could reduce fatalities. We would say “Don’t die” to meneer Stig Broeckx, because he’s one of the most fun cyclist.

  • Chris


  • IndependentThinker

    Ermmm….. well, he could have braked. It’s what most people do if they fear a collision.

    Also, if you look at the video, at the point the collision took place, it was alongside an area (I think possibly a parking area) to the right of the rider that the motorcyclist could have swerved into.

    Sorry, I really don’t agree that the motorbike had no choice. There were several options open to him to avoid the collision.

  • David Bassett

    I would not say he made a decision not to avoid the rider, all he could have done was to crash his motorbike into the right hand side of the road, and hope it stayed there.

  • Volker Droysen von Hamilton

    I don’t know the Belgian laws, but in Germany this driver would have lost his drivers license. Being involved in an accident and leaving that place (called Unfallflucht) is a criminal act here and punished with at least a monetary penalty (or even prison) plus loss of the license

  • IndependentThinker

    Whilst I agree the rider moved out, the motorcyclist had plenty of time to see and react. It almost looks like he took a decision not to avoid the rider

  • David Bassett

    Posted on ‘The UCI must act ‏over Stig Broeckx motorbike crash, or it’s the law of the jungle’
    Something needs to be done but in this case as others it was the rider moving out and hit the Moto. All vehicles weaver to or four wheels should leave their air horns on when passing. It is then up to the rider (that will know something is coming through) to move out stay were he is or whatever. The riders can be bloody minded and will not give way to team cars and others that are coming through. The race com will have given direction for vehicles (unless you are French TV) to come through so it is a two way thing. Moto’s have to respect riders and riders should respect vehicles.

    This report makes out that the rider was just riding along in a straight line and did not go right into the path of the moto rider. The moto rider braking would not have made any difference. Swerving to his right might have done though.

  • Jamie James

    The motorbike was said to be a paramedic bike !! and drove off leaving him on the ground. I watch the coverage and I’ve never seen so many photo bikes surrounding the riders. The UCI needs to do something about this sooner rather than later someone will get killed or seriously injured if this carries on.