Rising star Becky James set a new World Record time of 11.093 in qualifying for the women’s sprint at the Junior Worlds in Moscow.

The GB junior smashed the previous record of 11.29, set in 1994 by Ina Heinemann of Germany, and skipped the next round of qualifying as one of two fastest finishers. She progressed smoothly through to the semi finals, beating her French opponent Baudacci in the quarters in two straight rides. 

The 17 year old from Wales already has a silver from the 500m TT taken on the opening day of the championships. The sprint finals will be held tomorrow (Friday 14).

  • timothy Copnell

    For the record I note that the previous record of 11.29 set by Ina Heinemann in 1994 was also faster than Cavendish’s 2003 time posted above. So I’m not sure what the point actually is? Either Cavendish has a habit of being beaten by girls (unlikely) or there are many other factors involved.

  • Timothy Copnell

    I really wish some posters would bother to follow the young ladies progression over the past year or so before making the sorts of comments I’ve read above. If insinuations are being thrown around about Miss James then might equally apply to Mr Cavendish and the whole thing becomes silly. Its not 2003 its 2009. Its not the UK sprint Championships its the Worlds. Its a different velodrome, different preparation etc etc etc. What we have here is a sensational sprinter. Time to celebrate not look for dirt where there is none.

  • Frans Rutten

    Out of date (obviously) but this is the result of the qualifying from the UK 2003 Junior sprint champs:

    1st Mark Cavendish 11.387s (21-05-85) 18+
    2nd Matthew Crampton 11.448s (23-05-86) 17+
    3rd Richard Morton 11.679s
    4th Neil Cooper 11.855s
    5th Jason Kenny 11.985s (22-03-88) 15+

    Most of the time such comparisons aren’t appropiate, but doesn’t 17 years old Becky James’ sprint of 11,093s although at the famous Krylatskoje velodrome not look quite remarkable?!

  • Frans Rutten

    Modern Track Cycling needs a thorough performance analysis in order to cope with certain rising issues. The avalanche of progress of certain riders in recent years IMO gets out of contention. I lost my unconditional believe in outstanding performances.