Carpet fitter Craig Evans stole over £6,000 worth of bikes but dropped himself in it when he posted the pictures on the Gumtree auction site

A common problem for people who sell goods online is finding a picture that shows the product in its best light.

Bike thief Craig Evans, however, was caught out when the police recognised his house décor in his photos on Gumtree.

The 31-year-old carpet fitter admitted stealing over £6,000 worth of bikes at Northallerton Magistrates Court, having targeted the Stokesley area.

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Evans took a £3,000 Scott Foil from Stokesley High Street last August 3, and handled a £600 Carrera Kraken mountain bike the following day.

He also took a Cube Analogue and a Giant Anthem from Park Square, Great Ayton, two weeks earlier.

According to the Northern Echo, the thief would wait until the cyclists stopped for food before pedaling away on their bike.

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Jailing Evans for 18 weeks, Magistrate Nigel Bacon said: “These would have been distressing offences for the individuals concerned.”

  • Shaun T

    Yes I think the police would most certainly ask questions as to why such a pretty girl wasn’t wearing an ‘approved long dress’

  • Mike

    In my opinion doubtful.I’ll be very surprised if any insurance companies out there would pay you out if you didn’t have an approved lock, I am sure if you had a bike worth say £1500 and bought a cable lock and padlock from a £1 shop and locked your bike outside a shop and it was stolen the insurance company would certainly investigate and want to know what locked you used to secure the bike. From that they definitely wouldn’t pay out and put down to negligence.

  • Aboycalledyoung

    What’s an “approved lock”?? Most insurance will pay out as long as the bike was secured, irrespective of what type of lock you use

  • TG

    And girls who wear short skirts deserve to be molested, presumably? It’s not as if more modest clothes cost much.

  • Mike

    I good approved lock costs around £70. A micky mouse lock that won’t last 5 minutes costs around £2.99. It all depends how valuable desirable your bike is on what lock you choose.

  • Joe Besant

    if you don’t lock up your bike you deserve to have it stolen, isn’t like a lock costs much

  • Texas Roadhouse

    18 weeks? what a joke of a sentence

  • dr2chase

    Which works well till you forget yourself.

  • Bob Smith

    a nice trick is to loosen your quick release(s) if you need to make a stop. If a scum bag tries to ride off he will land on his face! (perhaps?)