Italian newspaper
Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Mario Cipollini doped his way through his magical 2002 season – including wins in Milan-San Remo, Ghent-Wevelgem and the World Championship.

The newspaper linked Italy’s retired sprint star to the Operación Puerto doping investigation centred on Spanish Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.

“From Super Mario to Maria,” wrote the newspaper this morning, referring to the code name it claims Cipollini used with Fuentes.

Ivan Basso used the codename ‘Birillo’, Jan Ullrich as ‘Hijo Rudicio’, Alejandro Valverde as ‘Valv Piti’… The Italian newspaper’s reporter in Madrid, Filippo Maria Ricci began to follow the court case in the last two weeks and linked Cipollini via his fax number.

“The documents seem to unequivocally reveal, for the first time, the month-by-month doping plan,” read the article, “with an impressive amount of EPO, hormones and steroids, plus notes of his payments to Fuentes.”

Cipollini, according to the newspaper, also transfused blood, a common practice among Fuentes’ clients.

When contacted, Cipollini preferred to wait until the documents are in his hands to comment.

If true, the evidence erases the spectacular 2002 season Cipollini enjoyed. He announced his retirement after San Remo because his Acqua & Sapone team failed to receive an invitation to the Tour de France. He returned and gave Italy its first win in 10 years at the World Championships in Zolder.

According to the article, Cipollini withdrew blood for six bags and infused seven in 2002. Ahead of the Worlds, he infused two of those bags. He made payments to Fuentes of €15,000 and €25,000 in the same year.

The case also casts doubt over his career, which includes 12 stages in the Tour de France and a record 42 in the Giro d’Italia. According to the article, Cipollini is linked to the codename ‘Maria’ from 2001 to 2004.

Spanish cyclist Jesús Manzano said Cipollini was a Fuentes client some years back, but nothing ever came of the allegations.

Oddly enough, when he came back from retirement in 2008, Cipollini rode for US team Rock Racing. The team made a name for itself by hiring several riders linked to Puerto, including Tyler Hamilton, Santiago Botero and Oscar Sevilla.

Cipollini retired again at the end of the 2008 season.

On May 23, 2006, Spain’s Guardia Civil raided Fuentes’ offices in Madrid and other locations. They recovered 206 coded blood bags ready to be infused into their owners. Of the bags, 99 have been identified.

The case involves 58 cyclists and, according to Fuentes, athletes from tennis, football and boxing. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has pushed recently for all the names to be released, but the judge in an ongoing case has blocked Fuentes from naming his clients.

The court case re-opened on January 28. It continues on Monday, but the names like Cipollini’s are coming via other means.

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  • Ken Evans

    Cipo has also been linked to Dr Ferrari, by others in the past.

  • JD

    Come off it. The fact he retired mid-season in 2002 before returning abruptly just before Vuelta and World Championship had nothing whatsoever to do with avoiding being tested.

    Did it?

  • pete

    Not really surprised. At least he wasn’t an obnoxious bully.

  • borderfox

    another one bites the dust, wonder who will be the first Brit, answers on a postcard to the usual address

  • cycling dave

    so when are the footballers tennis players and boxers going to be named so far only cycling as been targeted. Cycling as a “dirty” sport is an easy target all the a for mentioned sports dont have blood tests or biological passports a top premiership footballer will only get tested 3 or 4 times a year.

  • gg/gg

    The Lion King roars : Meow!!!!!

    Though he was entertaining

  • roginozr

    A judge puts a halt to justice…familiar story..who are these guys? ( little classic film quote there..but relevant ) .In Oz the cycling-bashers have been silenced because as I predicted , Oz rules football and rugby league are in the process of being exposed as users of illicit perfomance-enhancing substances and fortunately is BIG news . Look out, major sports everywhere.Cycling leads the way in tackling this problem!!!

  • Terry

    Another ‘hero’ down the pan ? Perhaps Cav will have to give him some distance now ?

  • steve clarke

    If this turns out to be true then I’m gutted!
    Mario was one of my all time cycling heroes, and it would be a very big let down if he doped.

    I met him last year at the Cipollini sportive and rode in my zebra Cipollini kit on my Cipollini RB1000.

    I’m now thinking that sport should now be viewed as entertainment, not a passion, as it seems all my sporting heroes are not heroes but cheats!

    Ok, it’s only a rumour about Cipollini at the moment, however in cycling rumours tend to be true!

    Marco, Lance and now, maybe Mario!

    WHO’S Next??????????

  • Richard Holmes

    Is anyone even slightly surprised by this revelation?

  • Mike

    Another of my cycling heros proven, alegedly, to be a cheat. Ah well, I should be old enough to know better.

  • Samuel G

    Quel Surprise