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Van Nicholas Yukon


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Van Nicholas produces a wide range of road and mtb models, all in titanium, available as frameset-only or complete builds via the company website and a network of UK dealerships.

Formerly known in Europe as Airborne, the Dutch company makes no attempts to branch out with alternative materials but sticks to the justifiably renowned ride qualities and durability of titanium.

Van Nicholas founder Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas has his designs built up in China — no bad thing nowadays.

Aimed at the fast-paced Audax or sportive rider, the neatly finished Yukon is built with 3Al/2.5V seamless titanium tubing. The 73deg seat tube and 72deg head tube angles on our 58cm model keep the ride perky without being twitchy, while pleasingly curved chainstays and generous clearances, plus the inherent comfort factor of titanium, make for a machine that felt good all day long.

The test model arrived with mudguards but we whipped them off to save for a rainy day. The Ultegra groupset and mostly own-branded finishing kit, including a smart-looking titanium seatpost, is all good. It’s always a pleasure to see Chris King components fitted and the hubs are a class piece of kit. A shame then, that the freehub makes such an irritating, high-pitched whine when freewheeling. But a minor quibble. The solution: keep pedalling!



All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable ride that felt spot-on straight from the box, and at a very reasonable price for a quality titanium machine. Order through a UK dealer (see the Van Nicholas website for details) and the price quoted below comes down due to carriage charges and differences in tax. Well worth checking out by anyone seeking a durable all-dayer without breaking the bank.


Bars:Van Nicholas anatomic
Weight:20.3lb (9.2kg) including pedals
Saddle:Van Nicholas
Group Set:Shimano Ultegra
Top Tube Length:56.6cm
Wheels:Mavic Open Pro on Chris King hubs
Fork Rake:4.5cm
Stem:Van Nicholas 110mm
Frame:3AL/2.5V titanium
Size Tested:58cm
Head Tube Angle:72deg
Tyres:Continental Ultra Race 25mm
Seat Post:Van Nicholas titanium
Size Range:50-60cm in 2cm increments
Seat Tube Angle:73dg
Gear Ratio:50/39/30 with 12-25
Head Tube Length:16.5cm
Pros:Will last forever Comfortable Reasonably priced Excellent ride quality
Cons:The noise of the freewheel
  • keith Laverick

    I have owned my Yukon for 4 years and it is equipped with campy (apart from the longer reach brakes which are Shimano) and steel forks. The carbon forks were damaged in transit on a touring trip.
    I have loaded it up with bags and stripped it down for faster rides and it has been a super bike. It has ridden the tour of Flanders and was very comfy over the cobbles. If your going to own one road bike, fit it with triple chainrings and it can do a bit of everything very well.

  • colin simpson

    I built my Yukon up two and a half years ago with TIAGRA 9 speed /105wheels. and use on club runs,
    Y.H.A. days away plus the odd audax. Verdict absolutely brilliant.

  • shaun

    yes what a great ride, i built the yukon over 2yrs ago with campagnola and have enjoyed the ride every time i take it out .it `s got comfort & yet still responsive when pushed hard and best of all no hastle to keep looking good after winter rides with no corrosion to worry about .

  • Jim Rose

    My 60cm VN Yukon was built up by Paul Hewitt with handbuilt wheels. That was 2 years ago. It’s my general bike, all through winter and in the foulest of northern weathers. Each autumn as I hang up the carbon bike and start on the VN again I remember it’s silky comfort and responsiveness. I actually went to buy a steel frame, but after trying the VN, seeing the build quality, and getting a lifetime’s warranty on it, the choice was easy.
    It’s very secure on rough roads and over debris – reassuring handling and a good climber too. If I only had one bike, this would be it.
    And when it comes back covered in cows**t and mud, it washes down and looks brand new again. It is a very graceful machine. It also retains its poise and balance on weekend trips with saddle bag. The review criticises the freehub noise, but as it’s an Ultegra groupset, that’s hardly a reasonable quibble for VN. A really excellent all round bike with good looks and a touch of sportiness.

  • Philip Elliott

    I’ve had my Yukon for 16 months – it was a custom build from Paul Hewitt. The big thing for me is the comfort. Get the tyre pressure right and you can ride all day without a problem. It’s not as immediate as my aluminium bikes or as fast as the carbon bikes I’ve ridden but it’s quick enough and as I say, very comfortable. Another plus for me are the clean understated looks you get with Ti bikes (no gaudy paint schemes!). With matching bottle cages and silver bidons it looks very ‘clean’. On a recent group tour my bike got far more interest from the other cyclists than the numerous carbon steeds, even the high end ones.

  • Pedroboy

    I’ve had a Van Nicholas Yukon for 18months now and I enjoy every ride ……… quick and smooth !