Selle Italia says this is the "dream saddle of any athlete." We decided to find out whether this bold statement can be substantiated

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8

Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow saddle


  • Rigid
  • Light
  • Large cut-out
  • Comfortable


  • Price
  • Edge of the carbon base could be smoother


Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow Saddle


Price as reviewed:


With a large cut out that runs almost the full length of the saddle the SLR Tekno Flow is definitely striking.

Unquestionably this saddle is definitely race focused. With its carbo-keramic oval shaped rails, carbon base and thin synthetic leather upper it is extremely light  — it came in our scales at a sprightly 102g.

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I admit I was a little apprehensive about riding a saddle that looked like it could only give a harsh ride. However, after trying many saddles with various different contours, cut-outs and channels, I was keen to give this exclusive option a try.

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After over 300 hundres miles of riding on a variety of surfaces and in different scenarios, I can confirm I was pleasantly surprised. As with any new saddle there was an adjusting period, but it didn’t take long for me get on well with the SLR Tekno Flow. I found that my sit bones were given ample support and the large cut-out worked for me in all but the most aggressive posiyion— I felt comfortable after several hours in the saddle.

Selle Italia Tekno Flow saddle

The Selle Italia Tekno Flow saddle has oval shaped rails which mean it only fits a seat clamp that tightens vertically

It is worth noting that you’ll need to check your seat clamp can fit oval shaped rails. As shown above the SLR Tekno Flow’s carbon-keramic rails fit a seat clamp that tightens vertcially.

Save for the price tag my only real gripe is that the edges of the carbon base were a bit sharp. This could potentially damage your bib shorts or skin suit.


This is a very light minimalist saddle aimed at racing. If you can afford the price tag and have been looking for a saddle with a large cut-out this could be the answer to your saddle woes.


  • Biker Mike

    I have had a Most Carbon Saddle for my Pinarello Dogma for about three months now. It is surprisingly comfortable, in spite of being so hard. I rode a Brooks Sprinter saddle for years in my teens, (sixty years ago) with no problems.

    The only problem I find with the Carbon Saddle is, that in winter it remains cold all the time I am riding.

  • ted hutton

    How about an original Selle italia turbo saddle or better still a Brooks b 17

    once you had got it to your shape comfortable all day long EW HUTTON

  • Ken Evans

    “Under Spray” can be a problem with cut-out saddles. UK riders beware. CW: a mudguard test / review would be more appropriate, with the recent rain !

  • c.beardsley

    Did your tester ride this in wet weather? Doesn’t look a good bet to me, especially with the winter we’re having right now!