How do you stay motivated when training indoors?: Three prolific racers share their tips

Training - and racing - indoors can be a hot, sweaty, and exhausting experience - but these racers say the gains outweigh the work

indoor inspiration ahsleigh moolman pasio
(Image credit: Rocacorba Collective)

Next month, the second ever UCI Cycling Esports World Championships takes place on the Knickerbocker route in Zwift’s New York world (26 February, 2022). Unlike the traditionally epically long Road Worlds races, the Esports World Championships course is only 54.9 km long with 944m of climbing. Like most Zwift races, it is going to be a brutal test of who can turn themselves inside out for long enough.

The secret to most successful performances is a winning combination of physiological and mental fitness. At the top of any sport, most athletes are in peak physiological fitness. This means that the mental game becomes the deciding factor. Motivation and determination, self-belief and sense of self will sift the winners from the rest.

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