Ask a coach: 'How can I get fit on three workouts a week?'

Squeeze maximum performance out of minimum training time with these pre-season sessions for the time-crunched

A man cycling up hill in the countryside
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Many of us lead increasingly busy lives with plates to spin, mouths to feed and all those other things that skew the work-life-cycling balance and conspire to stop us from spending as much time on our bikes as we might ideally like.

So, if we can only fit in three workouts per week, what exactly should we be focusing on? Which sessions should be indoors and which ones outdoors? What sort of intensity should we be aiming at?

Alex Welburn
Alex Welburn

Performance cycling coach Alex Welburn is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly's Ask a Cycling Coach series, online every Wednesday. He's currently completing a PhD on Critical power and W' at Loughborough University whilst also managing the Performance Project, in which he coaches athletes and provides consultation.

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Alex Welburn

Alex is a Physiologist, Performance Coach, who also lectures occasionally at Loughborough

University where he is completing his PhD in Critical power and W'.


After competing for over 10 years on the bike, where he has competed for GB in both

cyclocross and mountain bike events, he now spends his spare time in the mountains as an

aspiring guide. Alex has worked with cyclists of all levels over the last 9 years, from ultra-

endurance world champions to the Women’s TDF. Supporting his PhD he manages The

Performance Project, consulting with and coaching athletes. Finally, he is also a proud

sponsor of southern based LAKA X Pedal Mafia Race Team.