Ask a coach: 'I’m over 40, what is a good VO2 max for my age?'

VO2 max measures how much oxygen your body can utilise in a minute - but how does yours compare to the average, and does it matter?

Male cyclist over 40 riding at VO2 max
(Image credit: Future)

These ‘what is a good [XYZ]’ questions are always interesting. Firstly, what is good for one person is not good for another and secondly, knowing what is a good / bad value is far less important for a performance perspective than improving your current fitness.

That said, after Critical Power or FTP, VO2 max is probably the most talked about metric in cycling. VO2 max is a measure of how much oxygen your body can utilise in a minute. It is measured in ml of oxygen per minute, this value is then often then divided by body mass.

Image shows James Spragg.
James Spragg

Sports scientist and coach James Spragg is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly's ASK A CYCLING COACH series which comes out every Wednesday. Working both in research and applied settings, he currently runs Intercept Performance Consultancy

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