eBay and e-bikes: The Perfect Match

eBay offers a tremendous variety and selection of e-bikes, from the highest end brand names, to ‘unbranded’ value-based products. Whatever your goals or price point, there is an e-bike waiting for you on eBay.

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The cycling industry is booming with e-bikes. Record numbers of people are riding, commuting, and travelling by bike thanks to the availability of e-bikes. Usually motor or throttle-assisted, e-bikes allow us to ride farther and faster, climb comfortably up hills, and commute to work without breaking a sweat. Nowadays, it can be almost impossible to find an e-bike at your local store or bike shop. Inventories are running low, and even if you can find a bike, it might not be the one you are really looking for.

eBay has you covered – With a wide variety of e-bikes available in all shapes and sizes, your perfect e-bike is waiting to be discovered.

Why should I buy an e-bike?

In basic terms, electric bicycles – AKA e-bikes – offer an extra bit of assistance turning over the pedals. E-bikes come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can find one for almost every occasion. Whether you’re looking to speed up your commute, tow your kids on a century ride, or ride up a steep mountain biking trail, there is an e-bike for you – and you can find it on eBay.

Here are just a few of the most popular activities you can complete on an e-bike: delivering cargo, urban commuting, riding on snow, e-mountain biking, hill climbing, and touring. The options are endless when you have an electric bicycle.

E-bikes are wonderful because they allow more people to get on (and enjoy riding) bikes. Physical health and fitness is actually a goal and a barrier in cycling. Many people first start riding bikes to stay active, get outside, or get in shape. But cycling can also be really, really hard. If you happen to live somewhere that is hilly or mountainous, cycling can actually be too hard. But with the help of an e-bike, everyone can hop on the saddle and ride.

Motorised systems help cyclists of all ages and abilities climb up and over hills, or ride into the harshest headwinds. Cycling is great for people who have exercise-induced asthma or knee pain, for example. In fact, the act of getting outside and exercising can do wonders for their physical and mental health.

An e-bike can also be used by serious cyclists to ride further and carry heavier loads. E-bikes aren’t the only cycling trend of the last five years – gravel riding and bikepacking are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to ride, with people challenging themselves to 200km gravel races and cross-country biking trips. E-bikes give you that extra bit of power to make it over a steep gravel climb with 40lbs. of camping gear, or make it through another 12-hour shift in your ride across Nebraska.

Types of e-bikes

Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Ebike 

Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Ebike 

Some ebike models offer minimal assistance, while others feel like an electric motorcycle. Take the Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Ebike - with a massive 72V battery, the Stealth Bomber is basically an electric dirt bike, one that you could ride on trails or on an off-road commute to work.

Folding Electric City Bicycle from E-bike 

Folding Electric City Bicycle from E-bike 

For a more tame option, check out the Folding Electric City Bicycle from E-bike. The bike has seven different speeds and full suspension, as well as a 250W battery and range of 70km. It's foldable and comes with a removable battery, meaning this bike is perfect for the urban commuter, and especially for someone with little storage space at home or at the office.

Mini bike 

Mini bike 

You can go even smaller than the Electric City E-bike with a foldable mini bike. With most models coming in at under $400, mini bikes are an easy option for commuters or simply riding around town; and they can even be folded up and put in a car, train, or bus.

E-Bike Conversion Kits 

E-Bike Conversion Kits 

There are also a number of e-bike conversion kits available that you can attach to your current bike. With an electric bike conversion kit, you can keep the comfort and familiarity of your own bike, with the added power of an ebike battery. The options are endless on eBay, where there is something for everyone.

How to find the best e-bike for you

Finding the right e-bike for you on eBay is easy – all you have to do is follow a few links, narrow your search window, and click on a few of your favourite bikes. With so many options to choose from, narrowing it down is the hardest part. 

Searching for bikes on eBay

e-bike checklist

(Image credit: eBay)

Start here – This will take you straight to eBay’s Electric Bicycles.

If you know what type of e-bike you want, it’s best to start with the ‘Bike Type’ checklist. Simply check the boxes of bikes that you want to see, and then hit Enter. That should bring your options down from 16,000+ to less than 1,000 in one push of a button. Next, you can narrow it down by inputting the maximum cost. With a modest budget, you’ll again cut your search in half, and be one step closer towards finding your perfect e-bike.

There are a few other important factors to consider when searching for your perfect e-bike: frame size, suspension, battery size, brand, color, material, charging time, number of speeds, model, motor type, and condition. The most important factors are typically frame size, suspension, and battery size.

You need a bike that fits, so when you’re looking for your next e-bike, make sure you know what size bike you fit on. eBay and many bike manufacturers provide a helpful sizing list that will help you determine the right frame size for you.

When it comes to suspension, it really comes down to where you’re riding. If you’re planning on taking your e-bike out on the paved bike paths and nowhere else, you don’t need front or rear suspension. But let’s say you’re commuting on pothole-ridden streets and poor road surfaces – front suspension is highly recommended. If you’re riding off-road – shredding mountain biking trails, and bouncing over ruts and roots – you could definitely use both front and rear suspension on your e-bike.

Lastly, you want to think about what size battery you need. Typical ebike batteries range from 24V to 48V, and others go up to 72V. In general, bigger batteries will help you ride faster and longer. They will put more power into the pedals, and help you rip along the tarmac without breaking a sweat. When you’re thinking about your ebike battery size, consider your cycling goals. Do you need just a little bit of help getting up the hills? Or are you trying to do a 25km commute in half an hour? (You don’t need to do the math in your head – that’s an average speed of 50kph, i.e. fast!)

Why choose eBay?

You won’t find better value or a better variety of e-bikes than what eBay has to offer. Whether it’s online or in a real-life bike shop, you will never be hit with the same breadth of options as eBay. Competitors may claim to offer higher quality in bike build and better buyer’s experience, but that comes at a certain price. Buying on eBay is better – from the comfort of your own home, with literally tens of thousands of options to choose from, and a variety of filters to narrow down your search to the perfect bike. Whether you’re buying for yourself, or gifting an e-bike to a friend, you will find everything you need on eBay.

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