eBay and e-bikes: The Perfect Match

eBay offers a tremendous variety and selection of e-bikes, from the highest end brand names, to ‘unbranded’ value-based products. Whatever your goals or price point, there is an e-bike waiting for you on eBay.

 eBikes provide the best way to experience New York in the summer… and @eBay literally has an eBike for everyone.  Enjoy the breeze and experience the greatest city this summer - Humza. #eBayfinds 


Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Ebike 

Some ebike models offer minimal assistance, while others feel like an electric motorcycle. Take the Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Ebike - with a massive 72V battery, the Stealth Bomber is basically an electric dirt bike, one that you could ride on trails or on an off-road commute to work.


Folding Electric City Bicycle from E-bike 

For a more tame option, check out the Folding Electric City Bicycle from E-bike. The bike has seven different speeds and full suspension, as well as a 250W battery and range of 70km. It's foldable and comes with a removable battery, meaning this bike is perfect for the urban commuter, and especially for someone with little storage space at home or at the office.


Mini bike 

You can go even smaller than the Electric City E-bike with a foldable mini bike. With most models coming in at under $400, mini bikes are an easy option for commuters or simply riding around town; and they can even be folded up and put in a car, train, or bus.


E-Bike Conversion Kits 

There are also a number of e-bike conversion kits available that you can attach to your current bike. With an electric bike conversion kit, you can keep the comfort and familiarity of your own bike, with the added power of an ebike battery. The options are endless on eBay, where there is something for everyone.

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