If you could go back in time and change one aspect of your cycling, what would it be?

Some are lucky enough to be able to say 'no regrets' and really mean it. The rest of us would be quite happy to go back and change a few things. We ask our readers what they would change. In association with Decathlon

Time travel is not an avenue we suggest exploring, unless you happen to stumble across Doc Brown and his DeLorean or can ride your bike at 88mph.

But it's fun to look back and think what could have been if circumstances were different or if you were as worldly-wise as you are now.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what aspect of their cycling they would change if they could go back in time, and got some great answers. A selection of them are below, presented in association with Decathlon.

If you could go back in time and change one aspect of your cycling, what would it be? Tell us in the comment section below

Go back and start earlier. I wish I could have discovered road bikes as a teenager. BMX and mountain biking were both awesome but road cycling has been the best sport I have ever participated in.

Timothy Rush

If I could go back and change one aspect of my cycling it would be: genetics that more resembled Peter Sagan’s.

Ollie Craig

Be careful what you wish for. If you got his genetics you might also end up with his haircut. (Watson)
(Image credit: Watson)

I wouldn’t wave to the passing cyclists on Sunday which would save me a trip to A&E in a Great North Air Ambulance after hitting a pothole and coming off my bike and being unconscious for 10 minutes! Thankfully my helmet took the brunt of the fall.

Simon Wells

I would go back to the days of racing as I wish I had enjoyed it more. I wish I had not taken it so seriously and had fun near the end. I forgot why I loved and rode my bike.

There were many things I saw that turned me off cycling and I stopped for three years. I wish I had those three years back, with the wisdom and knowledge I have now.

Tony Shiflet

Train and eat properly in my 20s as opposed to getting drunk! I’m half-decent at 44 and just wonder what could’ve been. I don’t regret a thing though.

Andy Fowkes

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Hate to say it, but concentrate more on the bodybuilding lifestyle, as I did in my mid-20s. Women like the strong upper-body muscular look more than the look you get from cycling, unfortunately.

Kurt Fegley

To have been measured up properly for my bike before buying it.

Amanda Spurr

I would go back to when I was going to buy my first road bike but ended up walking out of the shop with a mountain bike instead.

John Hughes

Wish I could have discovered cycling earlier, I got into it too late to do anything serious. In reality, it’s a young man’s game when you want to be competitive.

Dewi Evans

Not going on stupid 100-mile club runs in the dead of winter! In other words, train smarter. We didn’t know better! ‘Get the miles’ in we were told, and come race day we got hammered.

Paul Canham

Choosing Victoria sponge over a slice of lemon drizzle, one of life’s great mistakes.

Jez Knapman

Actually structure my training, rather than cycling and hoping something would happen.

Arvind Sami