From the first ride, the low weight (240gram) is readily apparent as they spin up very well with the reduced inertia.

Thankfully, this isn’t their only – or even best asset. The rubber compound is very, very good. After a couple of hundred miles, there isn’t a nick (given Kent and Surrey’s roads, that’s impressive) and the traction is as good – perhaps even a little more confidence inspiring – than the superb Hutchinson Fusions.

Excess moulding rubber has worn quickly on the rear, so we’ll keep an eye on wear rates. Ride quality is also up there: the carcass is supple and we’ve had no air seepage issues. To say we’re impressed so far is a mild understatement.


Worth the wait?

With the leaves starting to turn and a certain chill in the air of a morning the cyclist’s mind turns towards cyclocross, Castelli is one step ahead as they’ve released details of a thermo version of the SanRemo Speedsuit.

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