Pro Griffon Lady women's saddle review

The Pro Griffon Lady women's saddle has a rounded profile with a small cut-out for ventilation. It's comfortable padding comes into its own particularly for less even road surfaces.

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Good choice for longer rides

  • +

    Comes in two widths

  • +

    Good sit bone support

  • +

    Great padding

  • +

    Small cut-out for ventilation

  • -

    Wider nose

  • -

    Some rubbing

The Griffon is a reasonably priced saddle that comes in two widths, 142mm or 152mm, accommodating different sit bone widths. Despite testing the narrower option we still found it a little wider than we’d like, both on the nose and at the back of the saddle.

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Coming from the component arm of Shimano, the saddle comes in black or white colourways, sits on titanium rails and is well padded with high density foam.

The small cut out section allowed ventilation and pressure relief on soft tissue areas, making it more comfortable on longer rides. Despite being a little wider than we’d like, the Griffon Lady still gave good sit bone support: it was just the shaping that caused issues as it rubbed slightly whilst pedalling.

With a round profile, designed to suit riders who like to shift around when riding, we felt it was more suited to those favouring long rides rather than those looking to race. This was compounded by a wider nose than we’d personally like, which made riding in a forward position during efforts on the turbo uncomfortable.

One thing that stood out was the padding on the Griffon, boasting extra lightweight high density EVA padding near the rear of the saddle. This padding really came into its own on our bumpy commutes, giving great cushioning without feeling – or looking - overly bulky. We recently tested the men's Falcon saddle from Pro which also scored well for the quality of its padding.

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