Bianchi adds ABS to its e-Omnia e-bike range

Anti-lock braking system aims to provide extra safety for riders regardless of skill level

Bianchi's e-Omnia range of electric bikes features ABS, to help increase the safety on offer to e-bike riders by incorporating the anti-lock braking system found on cars and motorbikes.

Bianchi is using the system designed by Bluebrake, the Italian brand which produces its own e-bike and e-cargo bikes, and stakes claim to being the first and only company to develop and patent an e-bike ABS that is completely integrated into the frame.

Bluebrake ABS has experience in Formula 1, and aims to apply the technology available to motorists to those using light electric vehicles (LEVs).

The e-Omnia range is a family of bikes, including models for mountain bikers, touring and city riders. The ABS has been applied to five of the bikes - the X, FX, T and FT types - the e-tourer and e-mountain bike models.

The ABS system prevents front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off, reducing the risk of accidents caused by sudden braking.

The ABS system is the first and only to be embedded into a bike frame

Fabio Todeschini, Founder and General Manager of Blubrake said the tech could make e-bike use "a safer and more pleasant rider experience to every type of rider on their e-bike, including the less skilled ones."

The system also uses algorithms to predict the e-bike dynamics on different terrains, including slippery surfaces and those with minimal grip.

The bikes are powered by a Bosche CX drive unit, providing 250W of power at 85NM torque, with 500WH and 625WH battery choices as well as the opportunity to use a dual battery for added range.

Bianchi has also included integrated lights at the front and rear, as well as sidelights.

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