New Cervélo S3 launches with redesigned frame and geometry

Cervélo's S3 moves closer to its R3

Cervélo has given its S-series bikes an overhaul, redesigning both the S5 and the S3 with a particular focus on frame stiffness and aerodynamics.

Unlike the new Cervélo S5, the new S3 is available as both a rim brake and disc brake bike. The new disc brake version of the bike uses Cervélo’s True Aero technology, which is the combination of specific tube shapes, sizes and designs to improve the aerodynamic flow across the bike. It’s a similar story at the front end, and the bike has new frame and fork shaping and all the cables are tucked neatly inside the bars and stem – possible because of a new upside down quill stem.

To that end, the new S3 is 102 grams faster than its predecessor which, according to Cervélo, is the equivalent of 13 watts.

The frame also received a healthy redesign, with special attention being paid to its stiffness. However, Cervélo says that it is a matter of balance: too little and the result is a ‘wet noodle’ riding experience, too much and it’ll be uncomfortable for the rider.

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So, just like with the Cervélo R5 and the Cervélo R3, Cervélo has tried to create a distinct ride quality between the more aggressive S5 and the new S3. For example, the S3’s stack is 16mm higher than the S5, and the new bike also has slightly skinnier seat stays and wider tyre clearance, both for improved vibration dampening. In fact, the S3 has identical geometry to the Cervélo R3, certainly a winning formula.

Additional frame changes include a dropped down tube and the backend has been altered to help make it more aerodynamic.

The bike comes with a new ST09 stem and AB09 bars and the bike uses split spacers that Cervélo says should make working on the front end easy enough.

New Cervélo S3 prices:

Cervélo S3 Disc Ultegra Di2 8070 £5,699

Cervélo S3 Disc Ultegra 8020 £3,999

Cervélo S3 Rim Ultegra Di2 8050 £5,299

Cervélo S3 Rim Ultegra 8000 £3,599

Cervélo S3 Disc frameset £2,499

Cervélo S3 Rim £2,899

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