Why giving your brain some TLC is good for your health

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Think Brain Health campaign aims to help you reduce your risk of dementia, while improving your general wellbeing

Alzheimer's Research UK
(Image credit: Alzheimer's Research UK)

Brains are incredible. Not only do they control the way we think and move, they’re also what make us who we are. While it’s widely accepted that physical exercise has numerous benefits for our general wellbeing, it can be easy to forget that our brains deserve some attention, too.

The good news is that giving your grey matter a bit of extra love doesn’t require signing up for an arduous, time-consuming routine. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Think Brain Health campaign is dedicated to celebrating all the brilliant things brains can do, while sharing steps we can all take to look after that powerful organ in our heads. Looking after your brain health can have important long-term benefits too, because research suggests that up to 40% of dementia cases are linked to factors we can influence. In other words, while around two thirds of people don’t realise it, taking steps to protect our brain health in our 30s, 40s and 50s can help lower your chances of developing dementia later on.

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