De Marchi PT bibshort and jersey review

Quality classic-styled Italian riding gear at a nice price

De Marchi PT jersey and bibshorts
De Marchi PT jersey and bibshorts
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Pulls off the balancing act between classic style and performance with aplomb

  • +

    Great looks combined with comfortable cut and fit

  • +

  • -

    Elastic leg gripper could be a little grippier

De Marchi’s PT bibshort and jersey has got to be the nicest kit I’ve ever ridden in. I base that not on any particular observation of comfort, performance gains or aesthetic self-assessment, but simply the number of compliments I’ve had when wearing it.

Honestly, I’ve lost count of the favourable remarks colleagues and friends have made of the classy green coloured jersey with Italian-tricolour stripes and accompanying shorts. Generally people don’t compliment me on what I wear on the bike – if at all. I think the last time was 1997, when a club mate coveted the pair of Adidas racing shoes I had.

Even my girlfiend, who thinks all lycra gear is absurd, advised me, without solicitation, that “for cycling kit “it is almost quite nice.” Everyone else, meanwhile, has had me in embarrassed, flattered, flushes.

The message that this kit looks good has been made so clear to me, that I now save it for Sunday best. Priced at below £70 per item, there’s nothing especially notable about it performance wise. But with a full length zip, comfortable cuffs, a contoured fit and a good Elastic Interface chamois, this shorts and  jersey combo competently offer everything you want on these longer, more cherished outings.