For your average person, riding on the rollers is no easy feat. Neither is wrapping Christmas presents. But Sir Chris Hoy is not an average person.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist has pretty decent bike handling skills, but when challenged by an Evans Cycles customer to wrap a Christmas present while spinning on a roller the Scot had his work cut out.

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He didn’t get the easy task of wrapping a box of chocolates or a CD, but instead a set of handlebars.

Annoyingly, Sir Chris made the whole thing look quite easy. There wasn’t a wobble in sight as he tore the wrapping paper in half and wrapped it like bar tape around the handlebars.

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And when it came to the sellotape, Hoy had it easy, with small strips of tape already stuck to the railings next to him. He didn’t have to endure one of the toughest things about wrapping presents – finding the end of the tape and trying to cut it without destroying it forever.

Hoy’s challenge was part of Evans’s ‘Challenge Father Chris’ campaign, where customers set Sir Chris challenges and the video with the most views earns the customer a prize.