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A packed house at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester witnessed Mark Cavendish’s return to the track for the first time since the 2009 World Championships. The sold-out Revolution 34 had an electric atmosphere, with Team UK Youth flourishing and leaping to a commanding lead in the Revolution Championship on the night.

This Revolution featured one of the strongest endurance line up in recent times. The opening event of the night saw Steven Burke of Team UK Youth pull out an impressive win in the Motor Paced Scratch Endurance Race.

Rapha Condor Sharp’s Ed Clancy and Andrew Tennant were victorious in the 1km Madison Time Trial, with the team also taking the spoils in the Team Elimination race.

Team Sky’s Peter Kennaugh won the intriguing Australian Pursuit. But it was the Scratch Race which really got the crowd going; early breaks by Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas and Alex Dowsett looked promising, but World Champion Mark Cavendish positioned himself perfectly to execute a win from the front.

In a poignant moment at the National Cycling Centre, the historic career of Revolution-favourite Rob Hayles was recognised, with the recently-retired British rider receiving a standing ovation from the 4,000-strong crowd. Hayles was joined by the elite riders and friend Mark Cavendish, who showed their appreciation to a fantastic career.

There was no doubt who the fans were most excited to see at Revolution 34, with Mark Cavendish getting the huge crowds out of their seats time and again. Speaking on his return to the track, Cavendish said: “It’s good to be back, I’ve missed it! The Revolution was hard; more intense than what I’m used to at this time of year. The reception I had was amazing. It’s packed here again tonight, and it’s great.”

Cavendish continued: “It’s nice to race at your home velodrome. It all started off here, so it’s good to come back.”

In the Revolution Sprint Omnium, David Daniell continued his form from Revolution 33 and took the win. He also took an emphatic victory at the final event, the 500m Time Trial.

In the DHL Future Stars, Emily Kay further-proved her dominance in the Girls’ event, and maintains her overall lead. In the Boys’ events, Jake Ragen moved up the standings and took the overall lead.

Team UK Youth’s win from Steven Burke and consistent performances throughout the night means that they lead the Revolution Championship with 314 points, ahead of Rouleur with 293.

Those who missed Revolution 34 will be able to watch the hour-long highlights packaged, featuring Mark Cavendish, shown on Monday 21st November on ITV4 at 7pm.

Mark Cavendish is welcomed by the sell-out Revolution crowd

Mark Cavendish and Peta Todd

Mark Cavendish wins the scratch race

Mark Cavendish interviewed by Rob Hayles and Ned Boulting

DHL Future Stars winners

Rob Hayles’ retirement presentation

Geraint Thomas

Rouleur team crash

Peter Kennaugh and Alex Dowsett

Magnus Backstedt leads Geraint Thomas

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  • Paul

    Does it really matter? Get a life! He’s a legend and should show it off whenever he can, some people are so jealous. Sounds like you should do some more bike riding and a little less moaning!

  • MJack

    I was at the event the other night and it was said by the commentator that as the ROAD world champion you can ware your stripes in any event?? and if you lot jumped off your high horses for a second you’d realise that the revolution track meets aren’t really a serious event, its not as if he’s rocked up to a world cup meet is it? What you need to understand is that revolution is there to bring in the punters and get people interested in the sport. Now if you think bringing Cav in to draw in crowds and make our sport more popular is a bad thing then I feel very sorry for you!!

  • Andrew K

    It’s not a matter of knocking your champions. I doubt you’d find any cycling fan in the country who’d truly ‘knock’ Cav. What he has achieved is unbelievable and huge for British cycling, that is well acknowledged and well appreciated; but it doesn’t change the fact that he has no right to wear the stripes on the track. No more right than any of the other riders at the meet. He is the Road World Champion and should wear the jersey only on the road. It is disrespectful to the World Champions of the respective track disciplines to put on the stripes whilst competing in their event. I can understand that the public would want to see him in the jersey, so a parade lap is fine, but nothing more.

  • Maxwell Savege

    If he can attract 4000 spectators to a track meeting he can ride naked for all I care. If you don’t like it, go back to time-trialling.

  • Jon

    Katie, When you next win a Rainbow shirt and someone puts theirs on in your event then we’ll see how you like it, so what makes you think you can comment then Katie, have you emulated Cav?

    Mike g. exactly they should know that you don’t wear the rainbow outside of their event.

  • mikey g

    Jon & Wesley

    Yer muppets…… Don’t you think all these guys are aware of what they can & can’t do!!

  • katie

    Your comment reminds me of a comment from a successful retired Dutch Pro, who when Boardman was at the top of his game asked me why the British knock their Champions not applaud them.
    Seems nothing has changed then, go away and train hard and emulate Cav then feel free to comment

  • Jon

    It’s an absolute insult to other Track world champions that Cavendish wears the Word Champ Jersey, how would it be if Track world champions wore their World Champ jersey in Road Races?

    It is big headed and does nothing to enhance his popularity with the public.

    I feel it is disgusting that he is allowed to wear it.

    I certainly won’t be applauding him when stupidity like this prevails!

  • Dave Smith

    Not rude at all apparently. World road champs can wear their jersey when ever they compete on the bike – so a pleasant and excellent surprise to see Mark resplendent in the world champs jersey last night at Manchester’s Revolution meet.

  • arronski

    sky + that, well done mark !

  • wesley fisher

    why is he wearing the rainbow’s on the track? he is the road champ and not the champ on the track! a bit rude if you ask me!