A 17 year old cycle thief from London has been given an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) which bans him from so much as touching a bike for the next three years unless he has documentation proving he owns it.

Reece Robertson, from Islington, was handed down the sentence at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court last Tuesday following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service Cycle Task Force.

As well as the ASBO, Robertson was given a supervision order and will be required to be on a curfew for three months.

A second man, 19 year old Steven Dedman from Islington, was also sentenced and imprisoned for six weeks.

Robertson was caught red handed cutting the lock of a bike at Exmouth Market, North London, last September. He was arrested and subsequently charged for theft of a pedal cycle – as was Dedman who’d been complicit in the crime.

Commander Adiran Hanstock, of Safer Transport Command said: “This is a significant decision of the court which has resulted in harsh sentences for two youths who committed the intentional theft of a cycle; a restrictive ASBO for one and time in jail for the other.

“Cycle theft is a crime that can have a considerable impact on victims and the MPS and its policing partners, Transport for London will continue to target those involved and arrest them wherever possible.”

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  • Arthur

    Yet another example of leniency from the courts. Also why has no one been arrested for hitting a time trialist from behind on the A1 at Blyth and why no fuss?

  • m marshall

    only an ASBO,why not a weeks holiday as well.

  • Richard Hare

    Harsh? What devalued times we live in.
    Harsh would be having your hands chopped off.
    Reasonable would be a few years, as you’d have got 50 years ago. Example – John le Carre’s father got 4 years for taking a few quid from his company’s petty cash tin. He didn’t do it again. These gits will.

  • Gary

    This is the probably the prick that stole my bike last Thursday…prick… Good riddence you prick.