Hour Record holder expected to compete in this month's National Championships, despite not appearing on the provisional startlist.

Will Bradley Wiggins be the surprise turn at the British Time Trial Championships in Lincolnshire later this month?

The UCI Hour Record holder does not appear on the startlist for the event, which takes place at the Cadwell Park motor racing circuit on June 25, that was released by British Cycling two weeks ago.

However, that list comes with a “subject to change” disclaimer, and Heiko Salzwedel, the GB men’s endurance coach who assisted Wiggins in his successful Hour attempt, told Cycling Weekly that a title defence is on the cards.

“Until then [the British Championships], he’s [training] on his own,” said Salzwedel when asked about Wiggins’s imminent full-time return to the GB track squad.

“He’s going to go for the time trial there, and after that, we go to Livigno for an altitude training camp.”

CW understands that Wiggins has entered the event, which would see him come up against three-time champion and former Hour Record holder, Alex Dowsett.

Furthermore, event organiser Ian Emmerson told local press earlier in the month that he hasn’t discounted the Tour de France winner’s participation.

“He’s not on the list at the moment, but as the defending national champion I’m sure British Cycling would look kindly on him if he decides that he wants to take part,” said Emmerson.

Wiggins previously won the title in 2009 and 2010, and a fourth win would put him equal with Stuart Dangerfield’s haul.

However, he is not expected to compete in the British Road Race Championships, which follows three days after the time trial and finishes atop Lincoln’s famed Michaelgate climb.

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  • TS

    TT stages of any world tour stage race has them flying…

  • Timlewis

    James rider.. Admit it .. Wiggins is a sulky little spoilt brat

  • James Rider

    Do you have any original comments? Or do you just copy and paste the same one because I’ve seen the exact same comment on about 5 different articles…

  • Tim lewis

    The national champs isn’t exactly top professional racing is it .. It’s for has beens and wannabes

  • Tim lewis

    James rider.. Childish as in wiggins being an ignorant sulky little boy

  • Phil

    Would love to see him break comp record for a 25 at our event in September,on the R25/L,

  • Gary Jogela

    I would imagine that the majority of those participating in the Nationals prefer Bradley Wiggins to be lining up alongside them.

  • James Rider

    Grow up, don’t be so childish.

  • Tom

    See, you say low-key, but this is still the National Champs we’re taking about here…

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  • blemcooper

    Technically speaking, since it’s a time trial championship, the jersey would never appear in any pro peloton anyway :-).

  • Edvid

    Let’s hope that Dowsett & Thomas are in top shape for this event, because if Wiggo does indeed take part in the national ITT (and wins it), we won’t see the British tricolore in the pro peloton for another year. That would be a high price to pay for the rare sight of a rainbow jersey/skinsuit in the Nationals.

  • Tim lewis

    Bradley wiggins.. I bet he loves riding low key events and lapping up all the attention!! Me me me hey wiggins!!