Matt Prior's cycling venture partners with global fashion brand F&F on a three-year deal

One Pro Cycling revealed their new team kit at their launch party at London’s Millbank, with Tesco clothing brand F&F announced as lead partner.

While F&F will provide the team with formal and leisurewear, lead rider Yanto Barker’s Le Col brand will produce the team’s racewear.

The team have taken the decision not to partner with a title sponsor, preferring to retain the ‘One’ moniker, something that the team’s co-founder, cricketer Matt Prior, says will remain as the team progresses.


“Our first year of operating is very much about establishing the team and ensuring we put in place a robust and sustainable business model,” Prior said. “Our partnership with F&F ensures we are on a sound financial footing as we look to expand in the coming years.”

Rather than use a title sponsor, One are unveiling a membership scheme, giving fans the chance to attend exclusive events, rewards and discounts.

Directeur sportif Matt Winston told Cycling Weekly the team’s goals included targeting the Tour Series, as well as the British-based UCI races, such as the Tour of Britain.

“Those races are good exposure and we’re looking to get stuck in in those races, placing top-three or top-five in the Tour of Britain stages,” he said. “We want to be ambitious and we’re going to come up with goals that are hard, but achievable at the end of the day.”

  • Aaron Cassidy

    Hooray! Black kit! It’s about time somebody had that idea! (Gah. Enough already!)

  • mike

    they nicked our idea !!!!!!!!

  • embryo

    I agree we should be supportive of any funding the sport gets, but the reason Sky are so successful is that they do everything well. surely if you land a sponsor that makes suits, the least you can do at the launch is make sure the sponsor looks good?

  • Matt B

    really?? a company put some money behind a Brit team and all you guys can btch about is the suits……well done F&F, they had part sponsorship on Orica Greenedge for TDF…looks like that investment worked.

  • Mark Jones

    I agree, this is a really dull kit which is very disappointing. If it’d had been 50/50 pale blue and black then it would have looked okay. Instead they will be looking anonymous on the TV. My other gripe with most British teams is that they don’t put sponsors on the side of the jerseys. Most WT teams do, so when it comes to the likes of ToB, Ride London and now the Tour de Yorkshire, the WT teams’ sponsors will be getting coverage as the motorbike camera scans the breakaways, but not our domestic teams. This always seems a wasted opportunity to me.

  • embryo

    Have Tesco really sanctioned this PR pic, not sure the suits could’ve looked any worse!

  • Paul Gething

    Too close to Sky colours….Why couldn’t they be more original or creative…Stand out in the Peleton……

  • Andy Easterbrook

    Thats great photographic evidence as why NOT to buy a suit from Tesco!

  • Adam Beevers

    Do they get extra club card points if they win?

  • Paul H

    Why is the peleton now dressed in black? Isn’t there enough doom & gloom in the sport at the moment.

  • It looks like the suits fell into the en-suites.

  • David Bassett

    I do hope F&F did not make the suites.