Scotland’s Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson launched the country’s first self-service cycle hire scheme in Dumfries on Tuesday, hoping to replicate the success of London’s cycle hire scheme.

Subscribers to Dumfries new £155,000 BIKE2Go scheme are able to use cycles from nine locations in the town. It’s part of the Scottish government’s aim to get 10 per cent of all journeys made by bicycle by 2020.

In addition to the cycle hire scheme, a £150,000 interest-free loan scheme was launched to encourage businesses to install cycling facilities in the workplace.

“Scotland has established world-leading targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and providing more sustainable transport alternatives will help us meet those targets,” said Stevenson.

“We are also committed to improving our nation’s health, and our investment in these schemes underlines our commitment to achieving these goals.”

“I’m sure both visitors and the local community will welcome this opportunity to take convenient, affordable bike trips in and around Dumfries, replacing their shorter car journeys with a greener, healthier alternative.”

The BIKE2Go scheme is managed by the South West Regional Transport Partnership. Thirty bikes are available to subscribers – the first half an hour’s use is free, with every subsequent hour accruing a £1 charge. Subscription to the scheme costs £10 per year.

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  • Nigel Wynn

    Andy – many thanks for your comment. It’s good to hear a first-hand review of the system in use.

  • Andy Dixon

    Just signed up and used one of the bikes today and they’re surprisingly nice to ride actually.
    The bikes have all the usual things you’d expect, lights bell etc. but also have a rear pannier rack and a decent sized basket at the front for your shopping. They only have 3 gears but the ratios seemed just right for going up hills and getting up to a decent speed.

    I live around 2 miles out of the town centre and there is a bike “Hub” next to my house. I just hope more people sign up for this great service to keep it running, who knows if there is enough demand the council may even have more bikes at more locations.

    The article mentions a £10 charge each year, on reading the small print this is actually a one off payment although they do charge £5 for your initial top-up.
    I can’t see me ever going over the free half hour to be honest so £15 for a nice new bike that you can leave in town and not worry about is good value for money in my book.