Saxo-Tinkoff rider Michael Rogers has been provisionally suspended by the UCI after testing positive for clenbuterol in October.

Rogers, 33, provided the positive urine sample at the Japan Cup road race on October 20 this year, in which he soloed to victory.

The UCI issued a press release today, saying: “The decision to provisionally suspend this rider was made in response to a report from the WADA-accredited laboratory in Tokyo indicating an adverse analytical finding of clenbuterol in a urine sample collected from him in a test during the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race on 20 October 2013.

“The provisional suspension of Mr. Michael Rogers remains in force until a hearing panel convened by his national federation determines whether he has committed an anti-doping rule violation under Article 21 of the UCI Anti-Doping Rules.

“Mr. Rogers has the right to request and attend the analysis of his B sample.”

Rogers joined Saxo from Team Sky for the 2013 season, having been a key part of Sir Bradley Wiggins’ Tour de France victory. Coincidentally, his current team-mate Alberto Contador had his 2010 Tour title stripped from him for testing positive for the same substance. 

He also won three-consecutive World Time Trial Championships between 2003 and 2005, the first of which was awarded to him after David Millar confessed to taking EPO.

The news will come as a blow for new team owner Oleg Tinkov, who proudly stated at the start of December that no squad he has ever been associated with has ever had a rider test positive. 

The sport’s governing body also confirmed this afternoon that Belgian rider Jonathan Breyne (Crelan-Euphony) has also been suspended for supplying a positive test for clenbuterol at the Tour of Taihu Lake on November 5. 

Clenbuterol helps build muscle, increases oxygen transportation and helps the body to burn fat more quickly.

  • Andy

    Whilst punishments are lenient, cheating will continue. I still find it astonishing that riders think that they can beat the system these days. No chance. But it shouldn’t just be the rider that is held accountable. Give the team a ban as well.

  • gg/gg

    The Guardian on Thursday gave the impression that Rogers was still riding for Sky. I think that Fotheringham and the newspaper should correct this error.

  • dai bananas brother

    isn’t this ‘drug’ something to do with fattening cows up? I’m only asking because Dai’s missus says that (censored) who is always putting herself about on sports programmes could do with a dose.

  • gg/gg

    Looks like he has been taking advice from a team mate

  • Jon

    I see the BBC is pushing the team Sky angle quite hard and linking this to the JTL story – good to know they are using our license money to whip up controversy about the local team. I suppose for them Sky is a rival so they are milking it for all it’s worth.
    Now every muppet with an axe to grind will be bleating about sky doping or all cyclists doping.
    Cheers Rogers! Hope your hollow victory in Japan was worth more damage to the sport.

  • Colnago dave

    Although China has a history of all sort of additives being used in the food chain is it a coincidence or not that 2 riders are found to have Clenbuterol in their anti doping tests. If it is proven that both riders accidently ingressed this through contaminated food what is the likely outcome.
    WADA,UCI etc can not simply tell riders not to eat meat as that is a basic violation of human rights. I suspect that there is no pre cooking check teams can do on the raw meat so what is the answer.
    For Asian riders whose diet is not normally meat orientated this is not such a big problem.

    From the UCI point of view they can’t ignore the potential of a non negative test in China each year and make allowances for the fact that riders will be non negative as this would open the floodgates.
    Think of previous riders statements of how in days gone by they knew that for example the final stage of the TDF was never dope controlled, you can draw your own conclusion to this fact.
    One wonders if this is the unwanted result of McQuaids vision for globalisation.
    The other point is again will people in conjunction with the JTL case focus on the fact that Mick Rogers had rode for SKY and the fingers will point again.
    Interestingly is the fact that Saxo Bank in it’s various forms has a history of doping issues.

  • roginoz

    well here we go again…sports correspondent on the ABC this a.m. …inferring it was ok for Contador to be slated and banned BUT THIS IS AUSSIE so there could be a big error here….clenbuterol…bad…chop him…QED .

  • Stewart

    Gather he’s trying the contaminated meat excuse! Now that’s a new for a Saxo-Tinkoff rider! Ha Ha

  • Rich

    Not a great surprise. He was on the t-mobile squad at the same time as Ullrich, Vino, Sevilla, Honchar,… Note that he left SKY along with Jullich & yates when they ramped up their policy of having no one in the team with a suspect history!