Bianchi and Ferrari announce a partnership and the production of a new range of bikes, including e-bikes

Bianchi and Ferarri are joining forces to release a range of “high-end bicycles”.

The Italian companies are planning on making a variety of bike models, including road, mtb, city, kids… and e-bikes. Each new bike will be branded with the Scuderia Ferarri, carrying the iconic logo of the car company.

It’s an interesting partnership, but one that makes sense in many ways. For starters, according to Bianchi, the same properties define both cycling and high-end motorsports.

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Bianchi’s owner Grimaldi meets with Ferarri

Technology, performance, lightness, esthetic research and material essence are key in both the two wheeled and the four wheel world.

To this end, the research and development teams of both Bianchi and Ferrari with work closely to develop the new range.

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Both companies are iconic in their respective sports, with Ferarri being the most winning team in the history of Formula One.

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On the partnership, Bianchi’s owner Salvatore Grimaldi said that “we strongly desired this collaboration with Ferrari” before continuing “we will continue to develop the project over the next years thanks to the combined efforts of two Italian excellences.

Working together will allow us to develop new products shaped by the mix of top class knowledge and expertise from the two parts, creating successful and innovative models just like Bianchi and Ferrari have always done”

So far, 2017 has been a busy year for Bianchi, which recently released the new Bianchi Aria line of aero bikes.

Bianchi says that we’ll hear more about the collaboration in August at Eurobike.