Cannondale has never been shy about veering away from conventional bicycle design, and the latest concept to come out of the US-based company is true to form.

The ‘Stealth Concept’ is a road bike with flat bars, one-sided ‘fork’ and disc brakes – note that it is not being called a ‘hybrid’ or slicked-tyred mountain bike. Cannondale’s designers have used hard edges and twisted angles to create a frame reminiscent of – according to the company, at least – a stealth fighter or Lamborghini Reventón car.

As a design it is an odd mix of aerodynamic (frame, wheels) and unaerodynamic (flat bars) – it looks like it’s just asking for a set of aero bars to be fitted. Nonetheless, you’d have to agree that it is a thing of stark beauty.

‘Dale is keen to point out that the bike will not make it into production as you see it here, but the design features are likely to be found in future models.

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