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The Lusso Active Aero bib shorts are a good, comfortable option for longer summer rides and well priced too, even if the aero benefits are less tangible

Score 10

We put in some hard yards wearing Lusso's Windtex overboots to find out if they can hold their own in poor weather.

Score 8

Lusso air-16 jersey

Lusso is known for its UK made cycling kit which is designed for the British rider and good value. The Lusso Air-16 is its lightweight jersey for riding in hot…

Score 9

Designed and manufactured in Manchester, these Lusso bib shorts should appeal to any patriots on the club run, particularly if they are a fan of long days in the saddle.…

Score 7

cycling winter jackets

The Lusso Windtex Aero+ jacket is an exceptionally warm jacket for the price, with little details that make all the difference

Score 9

Make no mistake: Lusso’s Thermal under-helmet head-warmer is very, very warm. Ideal for when the weather really takes a turn for the worse, coverage is good and it works well…

Score 8