Lusso Shattered jersey review

Lusso smashes the competition with its Shattered aero jersey, proving once again that the British brand can mix it with the very best

Lusso Shattered
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Lusso Shattered is as good as aero jerseys from the bigger global brands but is much cheaper and is made in Britain too.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Form fitting

  • +

    Fabric breathes well

  • +

    Striking design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pockets sag easily

This British-made aero jersey is perfect for long, hot summer days in the saddle. With its form-fitting cut, perfect-length sleeves (i.e. not too short) and striking design it took top honours in our jerseys grouptest back in June.

Costing £65 for that level of performance and sartorial correctness we decided the Lusso Shattered was just too good not to be included in Editor's Choice 2018.

Lusso has perfected the art of making kit for serious cycling at seriously good prices but the Manchester brand still infuses its clothing with humour.

The Shattered short-sleeve, with its carefully chosen name that describes cyclists all over the country come Sunday afternoon, is an aero summer jersey with a skinsuit-like fit. It's made from a lightweight fabric called TX2 that has micro perforations that are claimed to improve airflow over the rider’s shoulders.


With the TX2 fabric's 90 per cent polyester/10 per cent Lycra mix, the Lusso Shattered is very figure hugging: if you've had a slightly overindulgent off-season be warned because there's nowhere to hide – but on the plus side it's very stretchy and will not restrict you even if you are still carrying a bit.

For those at their race weight the fit is flattering. The sleeves are another plus point for the Lusso Shattered: they have a good length and there's a silicone print insde the cuffs to keep them in place, reducing unaerodynamic and unsightly creasing at the top of the arm.

Lusso has also got the collar height right: it easily zips all the way up without restricting or pulling (or bagging).

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At the back are the standard three pockets, which have a decent depth and sit at the right place – not so high that you can't easily reach for a gel mid-ride. Our only criticism is that it’s a little too easy to induce pocket sag. Since the pockets are made of the same very stretchy, very lightweight material as the rest of the jersey they don’t look or feel good when fully loaded.

Lusso Shattered: ride

We found the Lusso Shattered was perfect for the hottest days out on the bike. Breathability was very good – it never felt as if it was soaking up sweat – and it is very quick-drying. The zip works smoothly operated with one hand – you can't say that for all jerseys – and it's easy to adjust airflow to suit temperature and riding intensity.

At £65 the Lusso Shattered represents extremely good value for money: it has a premium look and is made in the UK clearly to a high standard. In a summer of use it wore well, with all seams staying intact and colours unfaded after a good few wash cycles.

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