Lusso Windtex overboots review

We put some hard yards in wearing Lusso's Windtex overboots to find out if they can hold their own in poor weather

(Image credit: mike prior)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A decent overshoe that's both warming and windproof. Plus, it's nice and visible for those dimmer days.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Windproof and insulating

  • +

    Good fit in both toe and leg

  • +


  • +

    Fleecy inside

  • +

    Easy to get feet in

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Velcro fastening is hard to align

  • -

    Durability issues

  • -

    No waterproof

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The fit and the quality of its construction are two of the most important design features of an overshoe, as well as it being warm of course.

If they are too long in the toe they can ride up over the end of the foot, or if they aren't robust enough holes can very quickly appear due to you walking in them.

Fortunately, Lusso's boots don't suffer from the first problem, having a good length but not so long that they ride up.

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They're a good fit at the other end, too, reaching well over the ankle and up the lower leg.

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What's more, despite my stickman-like skinny ankles, I was happy to find that the cuffs held in place when riding.

I also like the fact they're slim-fitting, but this is due to the fact they're not waterproof.

While I'm sure they might survive a light sprinkling, they definitely didn't survive the downpours that I put them through.

Fortunately they're windproof, which does make them warm. I found them to be really quite insulating, which I put down to their inner fleecy lining.

Couple this with the thicker outer material used they successful keep the wind off, keeping toes that little bit warmer when riding.

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While I'm not a fan of the aesthetics of the Velcro fastening along the back, it was perfectly functional when done up. It's a little difficult to align properly and leaves the back of your legs looking messy.

(Image credit: mike prior)

Looks aside though, it held the boots together better than other overshoes that I've used with just single tab of velcro holding them together.

Plus, it makes them easier to put on, as the whole of the back of the boot can be opened up.

The bright orange band also makes them nice and visible, as does the reflective strips down the spine of the boot and the Lusso symbol on the front.

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Consistent use has, however, left me with concerns over the durability of the Lusso Windtex overboot.

They've began wearing through in the toe area, with both holes appearing after the stitching – a sure sign that they could do with some reinforcing in this area.

Although, like I said earlier, I have found this to be a consistent issue across a range of overshoes.

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