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Score 9


  • Shape
  • wicking
  • compression qualities


  • Pad could be a little thicker


Giordana A670 Tech Silverline bibshorts


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This product is featured in: Bibshort test: £0 – £70.

In a test as lengthy as this, a natural pecking order usually emerges.

The best shorts get saved for best, the less pleasing only get dug out of the cupboard when everything else is in the wash, and then there are the shorts that get used day in, day out.

These from Giordana are most definitely the latter type, with a superb fit, decent pad and no-frills design making them my go-to shorts for the work commute.


Not in the same league as the more expensive models when it comes to four or more hours in the saddle, but as training shorts, comfy enough for two to three hours and offering superb value.

  • BeSpoke

    I have a set of RS80 C24… love em. Newver broke a spoke and never gone out of true in about 5000 miles. Braking is really good too

  • Real Rider

    And to add to what Wibbly said, the hubs will need greasing too as they only come with the bare minimum from the factory

  • Wibbly

    I’ve plenty of experience with Shimano wheels, there are two things you need to do when you get a set of these or any other Shimano wheels (in fact most factory built wheels).
    1, Before your first ride get a good wheel builder to tension the spokes, the machines in the factory get them close but not close enough and this can result in the wheel going out of true and over stressing some spokes.
    2, Buy some spare spokes, low spoke count wheels will break spokes, one shimano wheel I had broke a spoke after 3000 miles, it then took 3 months for the UK importer to get some replacement spokes in stock so make sure you have a few in the shed ready.