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New Ultimate Stem 31.8


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Light doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or flexy – well, not when it’s from the small Danish component manufacturer New Ultimate.

Made from 7075 series aluminium, our test 13cm stem tipped the scales at just over 100 grams – seriously impressive and it wasn’t without trepidation that I headed out for my first ride.

I was expecting to be home early removing the stem. Instead I soon forgot about it and didn’t give it a second thought, even as I lined up for the London to Paris ride – three hard riding days to Paris, which was surely a perfect test.

And so it was – riding blind didn’t allow for any mechanical sympathy yet the well proportioned, titanium-bolted stem performed perfectly.


Best light stem I've used? Absolutely. Best stem full stop? Probably.

  • Morgan Rees

    I knew that if I took notice of a review and bought the product I’d regret it – but I didn’t!

    This stem is everything they say it is. Overall – brilliant piece of kit.

  • Tone Whitehurst

    Had mine for a month. Really impressed, yes it is new and it’s the ultimate stem. Rock solid, stiff yet light and much smaller diameter than previous stems I’ve had. Gives ma great confidence. Well done you Danes.