Tech of the week: Simon Yates’s Scott Addict, £1500 bikes and how to ride faster

Also in the tech news: clutched rear mechs, drafting and Fizik’s flashy shoes

Giro d’Italia final week tech news

Last week, we profiled the Scott Addict RC bike ridden by Simon Yates in the Giro d’Italia. Even with a larger frame and in standard build, we weighed it at 6.6kg when we tested the Addict last year, so Yates’s bike can’t have held back his climbing abilities much.

Fizik Aria 101

Make a splash out on the road with the limited edition Fizik Aria 101 shoes

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We also had a look at Fizik’s rather beautiful special edition Aria 101 shoes, designed to celebrate the brand’s home race.

£1500 bikes and products you don’t need

This week, we’ve had a group test of four £1500 bikes. Facing off have been two alloy machines and two carbon ones. See how these options stack up. We’ve also told you about French brand Matchy’s new cycling jerseys made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

A quick way to make yourself slower

We’ve given you 13 tips on how to cycle faster too – including braking less! But if you’re a pro, don’t try drafting cars and vans: six riders in the Giro d’Italia time trial were handed penalties of up to two minutes for their efforts to gain some free speed.

In motoring news, we’ve covered how the Dutch city of Helmond is giving cash to community projects for each vehicle that sticks to the speed limit and reported how Australia’s largest cycling campaign group has called for new cars to be fitted with tech to prevent drivers from using their phones at the wheel. We’ve also reported on the Litem website, which gives free legal advice to cyclists injured on the road.

Will a clutched rear mech help you over bumpy surfaces?

Meanwhile, if you’re heading out to ride the cobbles, you might be worrying about chainslap and dropped chains. We’ve asked if a clutched rear derailleur will help keep your chain where it belongs. And we’ve suggested 11 cycling products you definitely don’t need, but which probably figure in your cycling wish list.

But if you do think that your bank holiday riding needs a lift, there are lots of reduced price shiny things to add to that list – or to buy right now – in this week’s Sunday Trading, as well as some great deals on Zipp wheels.