I’m a psychologist: here’s what I learnt about returning to cycling after a serious injury

Although regaining confidence can be difficult, there is much you can do to help yourself - here’s what I discovered from my own experience and others

Female cyclist returning to cycling
(Image credit: Future)

At the end of April this year, my nine-year-old and I were living our best lives, enjoying the sights and sounds of a Sunday cycle around a country park. Then, without warning, my front wheel slid on a damp strip at the edge of the path - as unspectacular as it was unexpected. 

Time seemed to slow down as it dawned on me I was about to hit the deck. My left arm bore the brunt, and later at the hospital an x-ray showed I’d fractured the radial head. After eight weeks off the bike, getting back on proved much more difficult than I expected - and now, as a clinical psychologist, I want to understand why. 

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